Keeping Inventory Threats Under Control


Businesses of all sizes need to stay on top of their inventory to avoid falling victim to risks like damage, theft, and missing inventory. Whether it is a disorganized warehouse, an employee with bad intentions, or overhandling, there are so many ways that you can lose inventory—and your profits can take a significant hit. Thankfully, … Read moreKeeping Inventory Threats Under Control

A Closer Look Into The Small Business Supply Chain

Supply chain

As a small business owner, you know that not everything in the supply chain runs as smoothly as you’d like. Sometimes customer’s products don’t get shipped on time, or maybe you find yourself in the negative because making, storing and shipping your products is costing more than you thought. In order to run a successful … Read moreA Closer Look Into The Small Business Supply Chain

Are You Making These Common Inventory Mistakes?

Inventories can contain a wide range of goods depending on the industry, but there are some mistakes that can be made no matter what assets you’re managing. Are you making any of these common equipment inventory mistakes? Not Being Thorough While you don’t want to invade your workers’ privacy, it can really pay off to … Read moreAre You Making These Common Inventory Mistakes?

The Benefits of Cycle Counting


Modern retailers face a lot of challenges, but managing inventory accuracy remains one of the biggest. There are so many ways to lose track of inventory, and the numbers in the system can quickly become far different from what is actually in stock. Physical merchandise counting has to be performed regularly to maintain an accurate … Read moreThe Benefits of Cycle Counting