Stratus Inventory Shipping Receiving Picking (ISRP)

Are you in the business of managing a small to mid-sized warehouse? Do you run an online store? Do you have challenges filling customer orders?

Whether you need a better way to locate the product, maintain the ideal stock level or make sure an accurate order is shipped to the correct address, IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP software is your inventory management solution.

The Stratus ISRP system is comprised of four fully integrated functions that you need for successful inventory management and order fulfilment:

  • Inventory ensures complete and accurate data collection, inventory counts and inventory tracking across multiple locations
  • Shipping eliminates the need to rekey shipping addresses, making sure the correct order is packed with an accurate label
  • Receiving validates the purchase order, recording all the product data on barcodes or RFID tags
  • Picking uses a portable barcode or RFID reader to validate the customer order

Stratus ISRP is the perfect, efficient inventory system in small to mid-sized businesses such as:

  • e-Commerce (link to e-Commerce page under “Order Fulfillment”)
  •  Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • 3PL
  • Home-based online store


IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP is the ideal solution for you to track product from receiving to shipping and successful delivery of exactly the order the customer requested:

  • Runs on most popular Windows® CE/Mobile handheld computers with barcode/RFID readers
  • Web based with secure cloud storage accessible from anywhere
  • Minimal start up costs and affordable monthly payments
  • Minimally disruptive installation
  • Automatic updates
  • Performs physical count from handheld reader
  • Includes paperless receiving and picking
  • Capacity to track details, including serial numbers, lots, UoM and expiry dates
  • Validates order fulfillment with predefined picking orders
  • Validates receiving with predefined purchase orders
  • Capacity for printing labels to track shipped orders
  • Supports standard and customized reports
  • Optional Third Party Logistics (3PL) module, a supply chain management tool
  • Integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting software
  • Ideal for shopping cart order fulfillment with such software as Shopify and Magento
  • Supports customer/industry specific terminology
  • Capacity for providing multi–language support 

Stratus ISRP is now available in Spanish. 

Locally Installed ISRP

IntelliTrack can also provide a version of ISRP for installation on your own Microsoft SQL Server company server. However, you might like to compare the benefits of the Stratus ISRP web based cloud storage system with the locally installed ISRP.  

Still not sure about the cloud based version? Read more about the Stratus advantage.

An IntelliTrack specialist is always available to discuss the needs of your particular business.


User friendly

  • Well-designed forms
  • Intuitive to use 

Increased efficiency and productivity

  • Mobile computer allows faster scanning to update inventory or locate product
  • Visible inventory
  • No wasted time searching for an item
  • Items moved only as needed 

Secure cloud storage

  • Cloud data storage is secure
  • Data cannot be compromised or lost due to in-house server malfunctions
  • Easy web based access to data anytime from anywhere

Cost effective

  • Accurate, up to date info supports loss prevention and eliminates expensive surpluses and stock shortage
  • Pay only for features used
  • Integration with other systems such as QuickBooks or Shopify reduces overall ERP costs

Increased customer satisfaction

  • You will not be promising orders you cannot deliver because of stock shortages
  • Orders will be filled and delivered promptly, efficiently and accurately


  • Stratus ISRP can be used as the basis for a more complex WMS inventory system when you need it 

Easy analysis and reporting

  • Standard and customized reports provide accurate and complete data for monitoring, planning and decision making
  • Information readily available to increase accountability of employees, supervisor and management

Immediate tech support


StratusISRP Detailed Overview – 20 minute demo
Learn more about StratusISRP, our web-based/SaaS solution for managing a warehouse.

ISRP – basic definitions; really slide show

IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP Overview
Cloud Based Inventory Software – Stratus ISRP
Stratus ISRP
Major City Case Study
Stratus ISRP demo – 20 minutes

Case Study


IntelliTrack has worked with City of Orlando to implement a Stratus ISRP and Stratus Assets package for increased accountability in managing consumable City stores and other assets. IntelliTrack specialists were able to meet the challenge of customizing a standard asset tracking and management tool to include a piece on financial transactions. The development, installation and training went well, all on schedule. Employees are happy with the new system. The IntelliTrack solution does its job. The reports are invaluable for ordering and deploying inventory. There is improved financial management and a stronger audit trail.

Check out the details of the City of Orlando’s inventory challenges and the IntelliTrack ISRP solution.

Watch the 2-minutes video that summarizes the ISRP solution. (Inventory Software Stratus ISRP Major City Case Study on:

IntelliTrack provides asset management solutions for BRS Relocation Services in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. BRS is a great moving company and much more. It also provides unique storage services with easy access for its customers thanks to IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP. For example, a television studio might have many props and sets stored in various buildings. Photograph and details about each item are stored in a secure IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP database. The customer can log in, browse the inventory, order the items he wants and BRS delivers. It’s simple, easy and done at the customer’s convenience.

Read all about this innovative IntelliTrack inventory solution for props and property used in the New York media and entertainment business.

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