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  • January 29, 2016
Project Description

Make The Most Of Your School Funding

It’s important to keep track of your text books, AV equipment, computers and school supplies.

With an endless flow of students and faculty, it can be easy to misplace books and other pricey school supplies. Luckily, with barcode and RFID tracking software it’s easier to keep track of your school’s resources.

IntelliTrack is currently used by many different school districts, universities and colleges to track variety of educational resources.

With Our Customized Software You Can:

Keep Track Of Expensive AV Equipment – Laptops, computers, and other expensive equipment can be tracked on location, person, and date!

Track Your Inventory of Daily Supplies – Pens, notebooks, calculators – all these items can ‘disappear’ in the course of day to day activity.  Track where these items go, and keep yourself up to date on when you need to order more

Help Prevent Or Reduce Theft – With tracking, you can figure out who last had the equipment so you can locate missing items.

Get Items Back In a Timely Manner –  Faculty members or students may borrow valuables from time to time but then fail to return those items in a timely fashion or in the condition they were taken.

Organize Your Mail Room – Keep track of packages and mail that come in and out of your mailing room.  Reduce the chance of lost or misplaced packages

Know When To Order More Stock – If supplies are running low, you’ll be able to easily see it on your dashboard.  Order more supplies without having to waste time or slow down the office.

Keep Campus Clean and Orderly – Monitor the maintenance staff’s supplies and consumable items and make sure they have the right tools to keep your campus clean and safe.

IntelliTrack’s flexible, feature rich tracking programs require minimal effort to use and even less training to get started.  Once IntelliTrack is installed and your inventory is entered, you need only a few minutes a week to maintain the system.

Any piece of equipment or inventory that can be tagged with a barcode label—from a box of pencils to a big screen TV—can be categorized and tracked, automatically.  Task redundancy will be eliminated, stagnant inventory will be reduced, and your institution will be earning a return on its investment.