Firehouse Inventory Software

Firehouse Inventory Software

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  • January 29, 2016

Save More Lives.

Keep Your Community Protected.

Get Custom Systems To Help You Respond Faster

Firefighting is an intense job.  When disaster strikes, every second can be the difference between life and death.

That’s why we at Intellitrack created a full line of software and tools specifically for firefighters and emergency response stations keep their equipment organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Our software is geared towards helping you keep your station organized so you can respond efficiently when emergencies arise.  From tracking to sorting and managing, you can be sure that all you need to worry about is getting to the scene as fast as you can, so you can make every second count.


With Our Customized Firehouse Software Your Station Can:

Track Your Inventory of Daily Supplies – EMS supplies, gloves, .  Track where these items go, and keep yourself up to date on when you need to order more

Never waste time trying to locate life-saving equipment – Every moment matters.  Use software tracking to know where to find breathing gear, boots, axes, laptops, computers, and other expensive equipment.  Every item can be tracked on location, person, and date!

Set Automatic Notifications For Ordering New Equipment – If you run low on supplies, get an automatic update letting you know that you need to order more.

Help Prevent Or Reduce Theft – With tracking, you can figure out who last had the equipment so you can locate missing items.

Get Items Back In a Timely Manner –  Firefighters and staff members may misplace items in the midst of an emergency.  Use tracking to keep tabs on where items are, and who had them last.

Organize Your Mail Room – Keep track of packages and mail that come in and out of your mailing room.  Reduce the chance of lost or misplaced packages

Know When To Order More Stock – If supplies are running low, you’ll be able to easily see it on your dashboard.  Order more supplies without having to waste time or slow down the office.

Keep The Station Clean and Orderly – Monitor the maintenance staff’s supplies and consumable items and make sure they have the right tools in stock at all times.

IntelliTrack’s flexible, feature rich tracking programs require minimal effort to use and even less training to get started.  Once IntelliTrack is installed and your inventory is entered, you need only a few minutes a week to maintain the system.

Any piece of equipment or inventory that can be tagged with a barcode label—from a ladder to a full engine —can be categorized and tracked, automatically.  Wasting time repeating tasks will be eliminated, stagnant inventory will be reduced, and your station can stretch its spend.

Our Recommended Products For Optimizing Your Fire Station:



Fixed Assets Software:  Track Equipment Costs, Location, and Maintenance Schedules

IntelliTrack’s Fixed Assets package allows you to easily track and monitor capital equipment through its entire life cycle, from purchase to disposal. Here’s how:

  • The Fire Department purchases 10 new rescue ladders.
  • You then tag each ladder with a unique bar code label.
  • Then enter the barcode numbers into your IntelliTrack program.
  • Assign descriptors to each individual ladder (size, maintenance dates, person responsible, etc.).
  • Now all you need to do is spend just a few moments a day maintaining the database.

As time passes you can monitor your equipment’s age, maintenance status, and value since your software has recorded the original purchase date and price. You can even calculate depreciation automatically using a function that you customize to your specifications.


Check In-Check Out Software: Stop Shared Equipment From Going Missing

IntelliTrack Check In/Out is a software package that enables you to manage shared equipment such as two-way radios or laptop computers.  With Check In/Out, you know exactly who has borrowed a piece of equipment, where it is presently located, and what day it is due. You can also maintain a history of who has used what equipment, changes to the equipment’s status such as maintenance activity, or any other information you deem important.

The reporting tools that come with Check In/Out are just as powerful:

  • Categorize equipment using numerous classifications, or create your own.
  • Run reports that evaluate your inventory in any way that you stipulate.

Check In/Out provides accountability and efficiency that would otherwise have to be enforced manually, another cost to the Fire Department. With IntelliTrack Check In/Out, however, your department staff is automatically accountable for expensive and often mission critical assets.


Our Inventory Management Tools

Know exactly when items are received, picked, put away, moved or inventoried. Manage your inventory every step of the way. Ideal for small to mid-sized stations with fulfillment operations, and customizable to fit your needs.

All of our Data Management Software (DMS) options are compatible with most brands of barcode printers and database software.  Each package can also be used from either a PC workstation or a handheld computer.

At IntelliTrack we realize that once you’ve spent the money, you need to take care in your investment without wasting a lot of time.  You community depends on it.