Inventory Solutions for Distributors-Wholesalers

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  • January 29, 2016
Project Description

IntelliTrack Software Places Warehouse Inventory and Asset Control at Your Fingertips

If you manage a warehousing and distribution center, you know that your supply chain management operation is the critical link between product and customer. From the manufacturing process to order fulfillment, you are under constant pressure to ensure the right products are delivered to the right people on time. Moreover, you must ensure that every warehouse asset and consumable—be it a forklift, a computer, or a fluorescent light bulb—is secure and functioning optimally at all times. The malfunction of just one asset or fixture can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue or much worse: injured personnel.

What if you could track and optimize warehouse inventory, assets, and consumables with just a barcode scanner, a few keystrokes, and the click of a mouse?

With the IntelliTrack suite of data management software and portable hardware, you can do just that and more.

Small Warehouses: IntelliTrack Inventory, Shipping, Receiving and Picking (ISRP)

For the small- or mid-sized operation that requires efficiency without the cost prohibitive structure of a big box warehouse management system. ISRP is ideal for order fulfillment centers and especially e-commerce operations.

  • Track inventory and turnover simply by scanning barcode labels.
  • Always know exactly what’s in the pipeline and where, be it incoming stock or outgoing orders.
  • Export shipping and carrier information to back-end accounting and ERP systems for faster, more accurate billing.
  • Portable barcode readers allow personnel to receive and place new stock quickly and easily.

Learn more about IntelliTrack ISRP.

Large Warehouses: IntelliTrack Warehouse Management System (WMS)

For full size warehouses that require a robust, full-featured ERP system:

  • Wireless inventory management that interfaces with any accounting package or ERP system.
  • Inventory control, shipping and receiving, order picking, and querying and reporting functions all housed under one system.
  • Add more workstations as the business grows.
  • Multi-language functionality for forms and reports as well as a programmable dictionary.
  • Link shipping data to carrier software.
  • Full integration with back-end office systems (ERP, accounting software, etc.).
  • Utility software to bridge existing database information to your new IntelliTrack system.
  • Application Integrator so you can communicate more efficiently with B2B trading partners.

Learn more about IntelliTrack WMS.

Stockroom Inventory Software: Reduce Costly Inventory Errors

IntelliTrack’s Stockroom Inventory is ideal for warehouses that store consumable items, such as those found on military bases, large office complexes, universities, and government buildings. Stockroom inventory tracks consumable items such as paper goods, light bulbs, and food, to help reduce shrinkage and allocate resources in the most efficient way:

  • Keep an accurate count of stock items and know exactly when to reorder.
  • Use a hand held computer or mobile device to scan products in when they arrive.
  • Use the same mobile device to keep track of who is using something, where it’s being used, and how much is left.

Stockroom Inventory is a multifaceted inventory system that allows you to customize the way you organize your consumables so that you can get the most out of them for the dollars you spend.

Learn more about IntellITrack Stockroom Inventory.

Fixed Assets Software: Track Equipment Costs, Location, and Maintenance Schedules IntelliTrack’s Fixed Assets package allows you to easily track and monitor capital equipment through its entire life cycle, from purchase to disposition. Here’s how:

  • The warehouse purchases 10 new power lifts.
  • You then tag each lift with a unique barcode label.
  • Then enter the barcode numbers into your IntelliTrack program.
  • Assign descriptors to each lift (make and model, maintenance dates, person responsible, etc.).
  • Then spend just a few moments a day maintaining the database.

As time passes you can monitor your equipment’s age, maintenance status, and value since your software has recorded the original purchase date and price. You can even calculate depreciation automatically using a keyboard function that you customize to your specifications.

Learn more about IntelliTrack Fixed Assets.

Check In-Check Out Software: Track and Monitor Shared Equipment

IntelliTrack Check In/Out is a software package that enables you to manage shared equipment such as two-way radios, toolkits and even your wireless barcode scanners. With Check In/Out, you know exactly who is using a piece of equipment, where it is presently located, and when it is to be returned. You can also maintain a history of who has used what equipment, changes to the equipment’s status such as maintenance activity, or any other information you deem important.

The process is simple:

When an employee needs to take a piece of equipment from its usual location in the warehouse, he/she must first “check it out” by scanning the equipment’s barcode across an IntelliTrack scanner. An historical record is immediately created that you can reference quickly and easily should you require information on that piece of equipment.

The reporting tools that come with Check In/Out are just as powerful:

  • Categorize equipment using numerous classifications, or create your own.
  • Run reports that evaluate your inventory in any way that you stipulate.

Check In/Out provides accountability and efficiency that would otherwise have to be imposed manually by you or another member of the management team. This is an added expense not likely to be itemized in your budget. With IntelliTrack Check In/Out, however, warehouse personnel is automatically accountable for the costly assets that are so important to order fulfillment and inventory control.

IntelliTrack Software for Managing Warehouses Large and Small


IntelliTrack Can be Integrated Into Your Existing Systems and Software

All of our Data Management Software (DMS) options are compatible with most brands of barcode printers and database software. Each package can also be used from either a PC workstation or a handheld computer.

At IntelliTrack we realize that once you’ve put your budget into action, you need to manage your investments without wasting a lot of time. Your productivity depends on it.