Ambulance Inventory Software

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  • January 29, 2016
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Ambulance Inventory Software, EMS Software
Ambulance Inventory Software
Medical Symbol An essential part of operating an EMS department is managing scarce resources so that you can provide an invaluable public service. An EMS unit has a wide range of equipment at its disposal and tracking that equipment can be a challenge. Imagine if that challenge could be met with a simple software package that allowed you to track any piece of equipment that you can tag with a barcode label. With IntelliTrack, managing your equipment and supplies becomes an automated process that will ultimately save you time and money. What makes this possible is barcode software that helps you track every last first aid kit, stretcher, and ambulance in your department. Our software is sophisticated in the way that it distinguishes between the different kinds of things that you own, but flexible and user friendly enough to adjust to the many ways you may want to use it. What exactly can it do for you?

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IntelliTrack’s Fixed Assets provides tracking of EMS equipment from the day it is purchased through the whole cycle of its use. Let’s look at some of the details of an IntelliTrack Fixed Asset software solution: Your EMS department purchases ten new ambulances for rescue operations. Once you have made your purchase you tag each ambulance and all of its removable equipment with unique bar code labels. You then enter the barcode numbers into your IntelliTrack program, which allows you to assign descriptors to each individual vehicle and item. These descriptors allow you to input characteristics like the type, description, and maintenance status. As time passes you can monitor your equipment’s age, maintenance, and value since your software has recorded the original purchase date and price; this even allows you to calculate depreciation automatically using a function that you customize to your specifications.

IntelliTrack’s Stockroom Inventory allows you to track consumable EMS items such as disaster management supplies or first aid kits to help reduce shrinkage and allocate resources in the most efficient way. Keep an accurate count of how much of an item you have and know exactly when to reorder. Use a hand held computer or mobile device to scan products in when they arrive and keep track of who is using something, where it’s being used, and how much is left. Stockroom Inventory is a multifaceted inventory system that will allow you to customize the way you organize your consumables so that you can get the most out of them.

IntelliTrack Check In/Out is a software package specifically designed for tracking shared EMS equipment such as walkie-talkie radios or mobile computers. With CheckIn/Out you know exactly who has borrowed a piece of equipment, where it is presently located, and what day it’s due. You can also maintain a history of who has used something, any changes to the equipment involved such as maintenance, or any other information. Categorize equipment using numerous classifications or customize a classification of your own. Run reports that evaluate your inventory in any way that you stipulate. CheckIn/Out brings efficiency and accountability to those who share equipment within your department.

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Tracking System
Tracking SystemAll of our DMS (Data Management Software) systems are compatible with most brands of barcode printers and database software. Each package can also be used from either a PC workstation or a handheld computer. At IntelliTrack we realize that once you’ve spent money you want to take care of what you have.

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