Why Your Small Business Can’t Ignore Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Why is inventory management so important? You might have had it drilled into your head that it’s one of those necessary nuisances of running a business, but are you aware of the many ways it can affect your business? Making sure you don’t lose money on sales that you can’t fill and avoiding wasting money … Read moreWhy Your Small Business Can’t Ignore Inventory Management

Plan Ahead for Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

The rise of e-commerce is great for your small business, but along with the increase in sales comes a greater number of returns as well. If you’re focusing on sales at the expense of reverse logistics, you could end up seeing your hard-won customers heading elsewhere. If you need any more proof of the importance … Read morePlan Ahead for Reverse Logistics

Top Tips for Two Major Small Business Supply Chain Concerns

Supply Chain

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. You may be dealing with multiple aspects of your business that bigger companies devote entire departments to, and if you’re like most people, you might find the supply chain aspect intimidating. Here are some top tips for tackling the biggest supply chain concerns among small business … Read moreTop Tips for Two Major Small Business Supply Chain Concerns

Getting Inventory Cycle Counts Right

Cycle Counts

Inventory is one of the most controllable expenses in retail, so tracking it is essential if you want to maximize your revenue. Shrinkage is the biggest contributor to inventory loss. This refers to everything from theft and SKU entry errors to receiving errors and improper exchange handling – all of which can lead to significant … Read moreGetting Inventory Cycle Counts Right