Top Tips for Navigating the International Shipping Waters

Top Tips for Navigating the International Shipping Waters

Drop shipping allows you to sell products that come from suppliers around the world, but the next challenge for many lies in getting these goods to customers wherever they happen to be. Here are some tips for e-commerce store owners and drop shippers in particular for making easy work of the complex task that is international shipping.

Consider Warehouse Locations

When you are looking at suppliers, it is important to investigate where each potential option’s warehouses are situated. Many suppliers only offer warehouses in China, and this is even true of some of the better suppliers. In general, your website is more likely to sell goods to Americans and Europeans, and waiting for goods to arrive from China is not always ideal. In some cases, a single product might be available from several warehouses; this is the ideal situation for international shipping.

Ship Items to Yourself

In some cases, it can be beneficial to ship products to yourself and then send them to your customers. Many e-commerce businesses use this approach because it offers a few advantages. For example, it allows you to repackage products to make a better impression on your customers. It also gives you the opportunity to check the quality of goods; keep in mind that the customers are going to hold you responsible if quality isn’t as expected. This may not be the ideal situation when, for example, someone in Thailand orders a product sourced from China and you live in Canada, but if your American business is targeting US customers, this extra step offers you great branding opportunities.

Be Selective About Suppliers

Before you settle on a particular supplier, order some products from them and have them sent to yourself. This gives you chance to view international shipping from your customers’ perspective. It will allow you to gauge the packaging and delivery times so you can make the right choice for your business with confidence.

This blog post was based off of an article from Oberlo. Read the full article here.