How Small Businesses Can Master Online Retail

How Small Businesses Can Master Online Retail

For small retailers, going digital can seem daunting, but it’s quickly becoming a necessity if you want to remain competitive. Just look at the data from Gartner showing that American CIOs expect their firms’ digital revenues to climb from 16 to 37 percent in the next five years if you want to see how essential digital innovation has now become.

How can small businesses get online retail right? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Get Personal

Your biggest advantage as a small business over bigger names is the personalized service you can offer your customers, and that can translate surprisingly well to your online presence. Predictive analytics can help you to anticipate your customers’ needs and desires on an individual basis. For example, tracking their movements in store can lend analytical capabilities that, when paired with their purchase history and behavioral analysis, can help you show customers what they want before they even realize they want it.

Make It Seamless

When you consider the fact that more than nine out of ten consumers used their smartphones while shopping in a store this past year and nearly eight out of ten were influenced by social media, there are tremendous opportunities for you take advantage of. An integrated shopping experience that seamlessly brings together your physical stores and online presence is extremely powerful. Even if you’re not planning to sell online or don’t see the need to develop a dedicated mobile app, you can still engage with people online.

At a minimum, you need to make sure your website uses a responsive web design for a uniform look across various digital devices. You’ll also need to harness the power of social media, especially if millennials make up part of your target clientele.

Get Technical

When you get your technological pursuits right, you can position your small business for a successful future. While implementing every new technology isn’t necessary, it is important to make informed decisions about which technologies to integrate with your online operations in order to improve.

Find the right technology for your small retail business.

This blog post is based off an article from Entrepreneur. Read the full article here.