Shipping Only Certain Goods Internationally

Shipping Only Certain Goods Internationally

Last week, we shared with you some of our top tips for navigating the international shipping waters, but what if you still can’t make it work for all the products you offer? Let’s take a look at some shipping tips for those businesses that are only sending selected products internationally.

Perhaps the logistics are simply too complex for the object in question, or maybe its dimensions or weight make international shipping prohibitively expensive. Customers don’t need a degree in logistics to understand that not everything can realistically be shipped abroad, but how can you make it clear from the start that only certain goods can be sent to their desired location so they won’t abandon their cart and leave your site disappointed or angry?

One good solution is an informative banner across the top of your store. It could invite customers to click on it to see goods eligible for international shipping, or you might have it announce “Free shipping worldwide on [XYZ category of goods]” so customers know that if they’re buying something in that category, there’s nothing to think about. This is perfect if you can send goods in a specific category internationally.

A Good Shipping Policy Page is Essential

Of course, you won’t have the space to say everything you need to say about international shipping in a bar at the top of your site, so make sure this information bar links to a comprehensive shipping policy page that addresses all of the possible questions customers could have.

Be sure to cover the geographical locations to which you can send items and which shipping methods are available to these locations. You should also specify which items are ineligible for international shipping. Let customers know how long they can expect their goods to take to arrive and what type of tracking you’re offering.

Don’t forget to provide very specific information about paying in other currencies and customs. Who will be responsible for any customs charges, and what will happen if customs holds a person’s package? Ensure shoppers know what to expect before they part with their money.

After you’ve communicated your policies clearly to customers, keep tabs on your abandoned cart rates and pay attention to customer feedback to determine whether you’re doing a good job getting the message across.

In order to internally keep track of which goods can be shipped internationally and which goods can’t, be sure you’ve implemented a proper inventory management system.

This blog post was based off of an article from Shopify. Read the full article here.