Making Last-Mile Delivery Easier on Valentine’s Day

Making Last-Mile Delivery Easier on Valentine’s Day

Retailers only get a short post-holiday reprieve before Valentine’s Day rolls around. Preparing for yet another occasion full of gifts, celebrations, and cards is a big task that begins surprisingly early.

One thing that makes planning delivery routes for Valentine’s Day a lot more complicated is the fact that consumers have been waiting longer and longer to place their orders in recent years. In 2016, the Society of American Florists reported that 13 percent of their orders came in on February 14 itself, while that figure rose to 38 percent in 2017.

This trend toward last-minute orders makes estimating the amount of staff and goods needed a tricky task. Deliveries could arrive late or not at all if businesses underestimate how many drivers they need, whereas getting more drivers than needed can cut into profits significantly. In addition, many of the big package delivery companies simply lack the flexibility needed for the challenges that can arise during last-mile delivery on this unique holiday.

Third-Party Logistics Partners to the Rescue

That’s why a third-party logistics partner can make all the difference on Valentine’s Day. They give businesses that expect a spike for this holiday access to a big pool of delivery vehicles and drivers without any of the hassles of dealing with all this on their own.

The best choices will be those that offer real-time tracking with signature verification and delivery confirmation. A good logistics company will have the right technology in place to adjust routes depending on the real-time weather and traffic situation or to accommodate any last-minute orders that come in while en route.

Delivery partners that make use of an API that can connect to a business’s website or warehouse management program can make all the difference, enabling customers to get dependable same-day deliveries and providing live map tracking to all the parties involved.

Last-mile delivery remains the most costly and challenging part of shipping, but finding the right partner can take one less burden off the shoulders of businesses.

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