Are You Making These Common Inventory Mistakes?

Inventories can contain a wide range of goods depending on the industry, but there are some mistakes that can be made no matter what assets you’re managing. Are you making any of these common equipment inventory mistakes?

Not Being Thorough

While you don’t want to invade your workers’ privacy, it can really pay off to take a look around from time to time to make sure nothing has been tucked away. Open some cabinets and closets to see if, for example, a printer that wasn’t being used was stowed away there. This is a common way that items innocently go missing, and you may even find yourself buying a new one when you had one tucked away all along that could have worked just as well. This helps prevent underutilizing your assets.

Not Using a Routine

A routine is an absolute must for inventorying. Some people find it helpful to tag assets in a systematic manner—say, clockwise around a room—before moving on to the next one. By concentrating on just one asset and not being distracted by everything else, you can keep mistakes to a minimum.

Giving Yourself Too Much Credit

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time or forgets things every now and then. Don’t depend on your memory alone when you’re doing an inventory. Check your work, and then check it again before moving onto the next location. This double-checking can help you save lots of research and recovery time down the line when you are somewhere else and your memory of the inventory in question has started to fade.

All of these traps are easy to fall into, and they can prevent you from getting an accurate inventory. By being aware of the most common pitfalls, you can give yourself the best chance of success when it comes to inventories.

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