Warehouse Management System (WMS) RF Standard

Warehouse Management System (WMS) RF Standard

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IntelliTrack WMS RF Standard is a reliable, affordable warehouse management software package for small to mid-sized warehouse operations in manufacturing, distribution, government, retail, healthcare or any other facility with more than five handheld barcode scanners.

On just one dashboard you can:

  • Input data about product into a centralized database
  • Access data by browsing or a specific query
  • Automate specific reports and alerts
  • Perform accurate cycle counts
  • Generate picking and shipping orders

Check out the user friendly screen shots below. Simple but complete.

Contact our IntelliTrack rep to explain how WMS puts you in complete control of your inventory, from storage location and movement within the warehouse to picking for successful order fulfillment.


IntelliTrack WMS RF Standard is the ideal inventory solution to give you confidence in the accuracy of labeling, tracking, locating and picking your product. The following WMS features have been designed to make your warehouse management system as efficient and productive as possible:

  • Uses handheld computers with barcode/RFID readers
  • Web based with secure storage
  • Automatic updates
  • Validates shipping and receiving orders
  • Terminal messaging, cross docking replenishment and reorder alerts
  • Standard and customized reports
  • Integrates with QuickBooks


You will quickly appreciate both the operational and management benefits of installing IntelliTrack WMS RF Standard inventory software:

  • Increased efficiency, accuracy and productivity
  • Cost effective by reducing inventory loss and surpluses
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Expandable as your business grows
  • Easy analysis and reporting
  • Immediate tech support

Return on Investment for Small Warehouse

Here’s a great example of a small warehouse saving up to 90% in labor costs for an inventory count:


Need to account for 10,000 SKUs in 4000 locations in the warehouse. Item counts are required for each location. Each item count takes approximately 1 minute to count manually and record on paper. The same item count takes 18 seconds to count with a barcode scanner. Because a barcode scanner guarantees 99.8% accuracy, inventory counts can now be done twice a year instead of twice a month. Check out the numbers below.


Paper vs. Barcode Scanners – $9,000 In Savings



Manage Your Entire Warehouse Inventory from One Dashboard
Set up automation so every time you log in, you will access predetermined tasks. View orders due today, or items recently received. You can browse by items such as new receiving order, item data, inventory data, locations, or select specific reports.




Search for Items .
Search by item number or location. Find products. Organize by site. Export easily to Excel or other programs.


Your Entire Inventory at Your Fingertips.
Keep an entire database of your inventory at your fingertips. Customized units of input allow you to organize your database the way that works best for your business. Pictures allow easy organization.




Browse and Search Your Database
Select reports based on any criteria. You can easily search with pictures, by lot, expiration date, item, category, and even by inventories with negative quantities and more.

Case Study

Cycle Force Group
IntelliTrack provides warehouse management solutions for Cycle Force Group to better track their inventory of bicycles, parts and accessories. Cycle Force Group understands the key to customer satisfaction is making sure orders are filled accurately, quickly and completely. To achieve such service excellence, this reputable manufacturer and distributer of foreign and domestic bicycles, including its own Mantis product line, turned to an inventory management specialist. IntelliTrack was able to customize WMS RF Professional to support increased productivity and accountability and improved inventory tracking. Now Cycle Force Group has the confidence to expand its warehouse operations.


Check out the details how an IntelliTrack inventory solution helped Cycle Force Group realize the American dream by streamlining and expanding its operations.

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