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Stockroom Inventory Software – StratusStockroom

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Let IntelliTrack help you organize, track and manage your stockroom inventory with its excellent, proven StratusStockroom software.

  • Have you ever run out of essential supplies?
  • Are there significant fluctuations in usage from one shift to the next?
  • Do you know exactly how much stock you have and where it is located at any given time?

StratusStockroom is a cloud based system that is ideal for industries with a high turnover of inventory in their stockrooms:

  • Emergency services
  • Hospitality industry
  • Schools and religious institutions
  • Distribution centers
  • Contractors
  • Business offices


Take back control of your stockroom inventory with IntelliTrack StratusStockroom.

Need locally installed? Locally Installed Stockroom Inventory Software is also available for installation on your own server. Check out the locally installed features.

Still not sure about the cloud based version? Read more about the Stratus advantage.

An IntelliTrack specialist is always available to discuss the needs of your particular business.


IntelliTrack StratusStockroom is a feature rich inventory software package that will never leave you without critical supplies:

  • Runs on handheld computers with barcode/RFID readers
  • Web based with secure cloud storage
  • Track, view and edit inventory details
  • Automatic updates
  • Validates shipping and receiving orders
  • Supports standard and customized reports
  • Integrates with QuickBooks


IntelliTrack StratusStockroom immediately benefits both operational and management processes:

  • Increased efficiency with accurate, real time, web based data collection and access
  • Supports batch data collection and storage
  • Secure, centralized database stored in the cloud where data cannot be compromised
  • Increased productivity as time not wasted searching for items or waiting for a backorder
  • Capacity to manage inventory across multiples sites
  • Achieve and maintain optimum stock levels
  • Cost effective with minimal upfront costs and affordable monthly payments
  • Standard and customized reports provide accurate and complete data for monitoring, planning and decision making
  • mmediate tech support
  • Increased accountability of both stockroom employees and supervisors to maintain stock levels

Contact our IntelliTrack specialist to review specific benefits for your business.


For more detailed product information, download IntelliTrack StratusStockroom Data Sheets Installation Guides and step-by-step Tutorials:
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