Fixed Asset Tracking Software – StratusAssets

Fixed Asset Tracking Software – StratusAssets

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IntelliTrack StratusAssets asset tracking software simplifies inventory management.

  • Attach a barcode label or RFID tag to each item
  • Capture the inventory data with a handheld computer
  • Store in cloud based, secure database
  • Access the database from anywhere for information to track and manage your assets

You are in absolute control of your physical assets.

The IntelliTrack StratusAssets inventory solution is popular with emergency services, educational institutions, government agencies and large companies that require annual asset audits. A bonus function is the usefulness of the real time data to strategize loss prevention.

Need locally installed? Locally Installed Fixed Assets Software is also available for installation on your own server. Check out the locally installed features.

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IntelliTrack StratusAssets software features include:

  • Runs on handheld computers
  • Web based data collection with secure cloud storage
  • Intuitive, well designed forms
  • User-definable fields
  • Import and export capabilities
  • Supports standard and customized reports


You will begin to appreciate the many benefits of IntelliTrack StratusAssets as soon as the program is implemented.

  • Improved workflow and productivity
  • Info available to schedule timely maintenance, repairs and replacement
  • Proven cost effectiveness
  • Increased accuracy in count with option for reconciliation
  • Data reports inform operational adjustments
  • Reports support workforce deployment, discipline and training
  • Immediate tech support

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Access real time data updates on any browser.

All you need is an internet connection.






inventory-software-report-300Easily drag and drop design your end user reports so they fit your exact specifications.

Use templates or create your own that you can use over and over.






Inventory-Software-Reports-300Search and view reports using the reports tab.

Search by type or name. Sort, save, or print your lists to keep track of everything.






inventory-software-item-300View and edit items.

Assign numbers, update descriptions, sort into various categories. Add measurements, defined fields, or other data

Designed to work on your mobile device.

Access inventory data from your phone. Responsive design for easy use on a mobile device.


For more detailed product information, download IntelliTrack StratusAsset Data Sheets, Manuals, Installation Guides and Tutorials:

dataIntelliTrack StratusAssets



menualFixed Assets Manual 9.0

Fixed Assets Manual 8.1


Quick-Start-Guides-SAll DMS Applications Version 9.0

All DMS Applications Version 8.1

Fixed Assets Software Tutorial 9.0

Fixed Assets Software Tutorial 8.1

Case Study


City of Orlando

IntelliTrack has worked with City of Orlando to implement a StratusISRP and StratusAssets package for increased accountability in managing consumable City stores and other assets.

IntelliTrack specialists were able to meet the challenge of customizing a standard asset tracking and management tool to include a piece on financial transactions. The development, installation and training went well, all on schedule. Employees are happy with the new system. The IntelliTrack solution does its job. The reports are invaluable for ordering and deploying inventory. There is improved financial management and a stronger audit trail.

Check out the details of the City of Orlando’s inventory challenges and the IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP and Stratus Assets solution.

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