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Check In-Out Software – StratusCheckOut

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Looking for a fool proof way to track assets on the move?

IntelliTrack StratusCheckOut is an excellent software package for keeping track of physical assets that are circulating throughout your operations. You know the kind of items that never seem to be where you need them and no one is sure who took them such as:

  • Tools
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Mobile computers, phones and other electronics
  • Mobile medical equipment
  • Sports equipment

Do you have assets that can only be used by certified employees or items that should not leave the premises? Perhaps there are assets that need to be checked over after so many hours use.

If you need to exercise that kind of control over your inventory, you need to speak with an IntelliTrack rep about installing IntelliTrack StratusCheckOut.

Need a locally installed version? See our local installed Check In-Out software.


IntelliTrack StratusCheckOut software features include:

  • Uses handheld computers
  • Web based data collection with secure cloud storage
  • Track items by user and location
  • Streamlined Rapid Check In/Out to transfer asset to another assignee
  • Operates across multiple sites
  • Supports standard and customized reports
  • Immediate tech support


You will quickly appreciate the benefits of installing IntelliTrack StratusCheckOut, including:

  • Improved workflow and productivity
  • Real time info on who checked out what item, where it is and when it will be returned
  • Increased accountability for usage
  • Proven cost effectiveness with reduced costs for counts and replacing lost assets
  • Data reports to inform operational adjustments
  • Standard or customized reports to support workforce deployment, discipline and training
  • Reports can be exported in Word, PDF or Excel providing data for management decisions
  • Immediate tech support

Contact our IntelliTrack specialist to discuss the specific benefits for your unique business processes.


Check out these sample forms to see how easy they are to use with room for all the asset tracking data you would want to collect.

StratusCheckout-Web-Asset-Options-300Manage, track and organize from one easy database.

Clean, easy to use interface allows you to manage all aspects of your stockroom from one central database. Select from a variety of options including assets data, check in and check out.





inventory-software-report-300View organized assets in clear, easy to sort spreadsheets.

Sort by assets, item number, descriptions, serial numbers, sites or whatever info is useful for you. Easily check in or check out items, as well as assign them to designated users.





Inventory-Software-Reports-300Check out users and assets with detailed forms.

Simply fill out the data, or set which data can be auto-filled. Detailed inventory and stockroom data ensures you can micro-track all aspects of your operations.





inventory-software-item-300Maintain inventory and know when to order more across multiple sites and locations.

View and maintain your inventory on the maintenance and calibration screen. Easily search which assets you need. Set a number of items to remain on the site at all times. Set specific numbers for specific sites and locations.


MC3100Rotate_FrontWin61_082Access your Check in/Check Out database from your mobile phone.

Check inventory levels, move products, set out orders and more from any location with a web-based connection.

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