Real-time Asset Location Tracking Solution

Real-time Asset Location Tracking Solution

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Track and Monitor Your Assets More Efficiently

IntelliTrack’s new innovative real-time location solution (RTLS) is the first of its type and is ideal for hospitals, colleges and universities, warehouse distribution centers, law enforcement and public safety departments, and legal offices looking to track and monitor assets.

Move from Static Logs and Manual Updates to Real-time Management of Asset Locations

Without this solution, companies must rely on static logs that are only updated manually either monthly, quarterly or annually to track assets.

IntelliTrack’s  RTLS application enables you to:

  • Identify hundreds of assets in a few seconds and locate them to your device’s GPS location
  • Significantly reduce the time spent looking for assets
  • Gain full visibility of your assets lifecycle
  • Increase accuracy of inventory counts
  • Reduce asset loss

How does the IntelliTrack Solution Work?

stratusassets_assetsviewIntegrating IntelliTrack’s cloud-based asset tracking software application, StratusAsset, the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) AssetBeacons and CloudNode readers into one comprehensive solution enables companies or organizations to have real-time visibility of the location of their critical assets or inventory.

By logging into the secure and encrypted StratusAsset application, users can visually see where assets are located once they have been tagged with a beacon. Additionally, the ability to use pervasive smartphone devices brings the power of this technology to every part of the enterprise.

Start Tracking Your Assets in Real-time Today!

Deploying this RTLS with IntelliTrack is easy and affordable with our subscription-based pricing model.

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