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package track software

Automate your system for tracking packages and other important mail with IntelliTrack Package Track software.

Do you know when packages and other important mail arrive at your business? Can you easily track down an expected package that has gone astray? If mailroom management and proof of delivery are essential to your operations, check out the features of Package Track.

IntelliTrack Package Track is a popular inventory management system with colleges, universities, hospitals, government offices and large companies, particularly where there are multiple mailrooms and loading docks.


IntelliTrack Package Track features can be customized to meet your particular inventory software needs:

  • Install on your own Microsoft SQL company server
  • Uses handheld computers
  • Efficient IntelliTrack rapid delivery function
  • Notifies intended recipient
  • Scans signature to verify delivery
  • Tracks through multiple mailrooms
  • Supports standard reports and customized reports

An IntelliTrack specialist is always available to discuss the needs of your particular business.


The benefits of IntelliTrack Package Track are obvious immediately:

  • Incoming packages tracked across all operations
  • Critical delivery can be expedited
  • Detailed proof of delivery available
  • Increased accountability of mailroom employees

Contact our IntelliTrack specialist to review specific benefits for your business.

For more detailed product information, download IntelliTrack Package Track Data Sheets, Product Manuals and step-by-step Installation Guides:

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