Achieve Asset Visibility and Control

Your Business Relies on Accurate and Efficient Asset Management

Whether fixed assets or circulating, your inventory represents significant investment in the future of your business. Do not rely on paper trails, log books, or word of mouth to keep track of these critical components for your business.

Keep track of all your physical assets with smart solutions from IntelliTrack Stratus.

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How to Determine if an Asset Management Solution is Right for You?

Ask yourself:

  • Are you losing track of tools, equipment and packages?
  • Are you behind on maintenance or calibrations schedules for your plant equipment?
  • Are you unsure of which employee signed out a specific tool or asset?
  • Are you uncertain of when to replace equipment?

If you answered yes, you need IntelliTrack Stratus, cloud-based inventory control.

Choose Stratus: Intelligent Asset Management

The Stratus Software platform is an affordable, easy-to-implement cloud solution that optimizes operations and improves inventory accuracy. Within our complete line of Stratus Software, we have two modules specifically designed for asset tracking.


StratusAssets manages all details of asset data in one or multiple locations. Calculate asset depreciation and track the asset’s physical location. Perform periodic inventories using barcode or RFID technology and reconcile asset location in real-time. Produce accurate reports that analyze asset details and worth.

  • Tracks location
  • Store important asset documents
  • Automatic depreciation calculation

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StratusCheckOut software collects and processes all the data on consumables and rotational assets. It reports on the inventory detail, reorder levels, asset reservations, maintenance and calibration orders, and asset check in-check out. It is invaluable in preventing the loss of costly inventory.

  • Tracks location
  • Alerts to maintenance schedule
  • Tracks time out and assignee in possession of asset

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The Stratus Advantage

All Stratus products have:

  • Mix-and-match feature sets
  • Fully functional web and mobile applications work in tandem
  • Instant data access in real-time or batch data collection, in-house or off-site
  • Tech support access
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Cost effective
  • Cloud data storage
  • Compatibility with all leading hardware types
  • French and Spanish language options. Tenga en cuenta que ambos paquetes de software de IntelliTrack Stratus están ahora disponibles en Español.

If you operate a manufacturing plant, a tool crib, a medical clinic, an equipment room, an appliance repair service or any other business with physical assets, you need an IntelliTrack inventory management solution to track the location and condition of all the items you own.

Check out our IntelliTrack Stratus solutions for organizing all the assets in your operation.

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