Fixed Assets Software

Fixed Assets Software


Tracking fixed assets is crucial to any company—big or small. Fixed assets are defined as any permanent object that a business uses internally, such as computers. Although employees use assets, they actually belong to the company, so it’s important to be able to track the location, quantity, condition and depreciation status of a company’s fixed assets.

Fixed asset tracking software (FAS) can help in managing fixed assets and facilitates Asset Managers in performing physical inventories. By using asset tags and a mobile computer with an integrated barcode scanner, Asset Managers can easily scan all of the tags affixed to the assets. Once all of the tags are scanned, reports can be created from IntelliTrack FAS software to ensure that all assets have been accounted for.

IntelliTrack FAS software is widely used among schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, government agencies and companies that are required to perform regular asset audits. Using FAS software helps organizations stay on top of their assets and prevent loss—are you prepared?

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