How RAIN RFID is transforming supply chain

Last week, we introduced RAIN RFID, the newest feature release within IntelliTrack. With up to 15x improved cycle count times, scan range from 10 feet away, and 1,000 tags read in a single second, this technology is rapidly transforming the supply chain. Aside from being more flexible and secure than other scanning technologies, here’s how … Read moreHow RAIN RFID is transforming supply chain

A Guide to Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Multi-Channel Inventory

It’s no secret that there has been a huge shift towards multi-channel marketing. Having multiple shopping options is important so that your most valuable costumers can purchase whenever and however they please, but successful multi-channel ecommerce is more complicated than simply listing products on a few different platforms. Many problems can arise with having your … Read moreA Guide to Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Shipping Only Certain Goods Internationally


Last week, we shared with you some of our top tips for navigating the international shipping waters, but what if you still can’t make it work for all the products you offer? Let’s take a look at some shipping tips for those businesses that are only sending selected products internationally. Perhaps the logistics are simply … Read moreShipping Only Certain Goods Internationally