Cloud Based Inventory Management Software

Cloud Based Inventory Management Software


Physical inventories can be time consuming, inaccurate, and downright difficult to get done for any business. As such, there may be a better solution for companies looking to inventory their merchandise. StratusInventory is an innovative new cloud based software which allows users to inventory and track their merchandise with a few simple steps. Gone are the days of pen to paper inventories which can get lost, damaged, or may be just plain inaccurate, StratusInventory allows users to store data and accurately inventory their merchandise in half the time.


  •  Cost Effective
  •  Can be used from a variety of computers
  •  Easy data access
  •  Quick loading and easy use
  •  Detailed Inventory
  •  Storage of Additional Data Outside the Realm of Inventory
  •  Immediate Tech Support
  •  The Ability to Safeguard Data

Features in Depth

Using a software program to catalogue and inventory your merchandise has several different benefits over the old clip board method. The first is that you can store a wider variety of data in an online based program than you can with a typical paper inventory. You can save information about what is in containers, expiration dates of items, cost and pricing, where you purchased it from, in depth SKU information, and more. Instead of being stuck only listing the items, you can save data about each item to create a far more concise and accurate inventory. This is also web based software so your information is stored remotely and information can be sent through Wi-Fi or internet connections to get the most accurate inventories no matter where you are. You can also access your inventory from a variety of computers. You can use a handheld computer or a desk top to access your information. Since the data is stored using cloud technology, you can be sure that your access is easily accessible no matter where you are.

The program is also quick loading and it is easy to use which prevents you from losing valuable time loading and installing programs which just end up taking up space on your computer. This quick loading program makes it easy to get started as soon as possible when it comes to creating in depth inventories. You are also given access to immediate tech support should something go wrong with your machine, your program, or your stored inventory information. Having access to tech support makes it much easier to work out glitches quickly before they become large problems which may hinder the work and flow of your work space. Tech support can be reached at just about any time of day which means that you will be able to contact them about any problem you may come up against despite time zone differences and hectic work schedules.

The last feature worth mentioning in depth is the ability to safeguard your information. You can either allow or deny access to the information created. You have the ability to give access to only those working in the inventory rather than having it open to every employee, which helps to reduce the likelihood that someone or something may happen to disrupt the files and data in your inventory. The information you store here is safe guarded from not only those you deny access but also to any user not associated with the central account. You can also consolidate inventories from multiple locations which makes knowing what you have a cinch.

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