April 2016

IntelliTrack Releases StratusISRP Plugin for QuickBooks

IntelliTrack Inc. now offers a StratusISRP Plugin to increase the functionality of QuickBooks for seamless management of inventory and financial activities. IntelliTrack Inc., an industry leader in inventory software, has released a plugin that combines the power, benefits and features of their cloud based IntelliTrack StratusISRP with Intuit’s QuickBooks. The result is fully integrated, end-to-end inventory management from purchasing and receiving items to selling, shipping and invoicing. The plugin extends the functionality of QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise versions 2011 and later [...]

IntelliTrack Releases Inventory Management Software in French

IntelliTrack Inc. has released the French language version of its cloud based software solutions for inventory management. Responding to a need identified by Nuage Technologies, a trusted partner based in Montreal, IntelliTrack has delivered on its commitment to provide the Stratus line of products in multiple language formats. The predominantly francophone workforce in the Province of Quebec has been waiting for state of the art inventory management technology to be available in French. Nuage Technologies is particularly pleased with IntelliTrack’s [...]

September 2015

IntelliTrack Releases New Inventory Software Suite

Sparks – Thursday, September 10, 2015 IntelliTrack Inc. has now released the 9.0 version of its full suite of inventory management systems. From basic Stockroom and Check In/Out packages to the robust ISRP and Warehouse Management Software (WMS) options, IntelliTrack 9.0 enhances the efficiency of all the inventory tracking products. “We’re always looking for ways to help our customers achieve efficiencies in managing their inventory as we understand the impact on their customer satisfaction and profitability,” says Ron Pawlowski, IntelliTrack COO. “We [...]

October 2014

IntelliTrack Inc. Celebrates 5 Years of Web Based Stratus Success

Happy 5th Birthday to the Stratus line of cloud based inventory software from IntelliTrack! Recognizing the increasing demand for web based solutions and building on feedback from satisfied customers, IntelliTrack has worked tirelessly to design excellent technology systems for tracking inventory. Stratus solutions have been at the industry forefront since the beginning of cloud based activity. The Stratus portfolio has expanded to the point IntelliTrack can say with confidence that every organization from a warehouse or fire department to a hospital [...]

March 2014

Dow, Motorola and Intellitrack team up with The Diaper Alliance to help families in need

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow), Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MSI) and Intellitrack recently teamed up with The Diaper Alliance—a Midland, MI-based organization, that helps families properly diaper the more than 1,500 children that live with families in poverty in Midland County. The Diaper Alliance, founded in 2010, manages and distributes more than 17,000 diapers per month to local agencies like Salvation Army and Head Start, that allocate the diapers to families in need.  The organization has rapidly expanded and [...]

May 2012

IntelliTrack Announces Release of New STRATUS Vendor Managed Inventory Software

IntelliTrack is proud to announce the release of its new Stratus Vendor Managed Inventory software. StratusVMI is the latest product in IntelliTrack’s new “next-generation” line of STRATUS web-based cloud interface software. The product is also a new module added to the IntelliTrack software offering. Vendor managed inventory is a process where the vendor generates stocking orders  for their remote sites or a customer based on current dynamic inventory levels that they continuously monitor electronically. The parties (vendor, remote site or [...]

April 2012

IntelliTrack Deploys Android OS Mobile Computer Client

IntelliTrack announced its bold move to support and add the Android Operating System (OS) into its mobile computing platform. Freed from the usual proprietary OS restrictions, Android OS can support applications that are simple, intuitive, and designed to meet the specific needs of the small to medium sized business served by IntelliTrack. Over the last 18 years, the company has served businesses well through proprietary OS and languages such as UPG, MS-DOS, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile and Windows CE. [...]

IntelliTrack Develops Android Smartphone Inventory Solution

IntelliTrack, Inc. released an Android based inventory solution for businesses. As a leading provider of affordable, user-friendly inventory management software, IntelliTrack presents its latest Android mobile computer client. This software collects data with various prompts and forms using handheld computers and smartphones with integrated scanners. The good news from IntelliTrack is that a regular smartphone can now function as that as a data collection tool.  “Now our clients do not have to purchase expensive handheld computers for occasional data collection. With [...]

March 2012

IntelliTrack’s Stratus Licensing For Education Institutions

IntelliTrack, Inc. is announcing special licensing for education institutions to use the Stratus applications software as part of their curriculum. Inventory management is recognized as an important part of business operations. Now, students will have the opportunity to understand how state of the art technology increases effectiveness in the end to end management of inventory. All IntelliTrack’s Stratus software is available at no cost under this licensing agreement, which includes StratusISRP, StratusInventory, StratusStockroom, StratusVMI, and StratusWMS. Such a wide [...]

IntelliTrack Releases Wireless StratusWMS

IntelliTrack is proud to announce the new addition to their Status line of web inventory software: StratusWMS (Warehouse Management System). It is a wireless solution for managing warehouse operations. As the world’s leading provider of user friendly software for inventory management, IntelliTrack has the experience and knowledge to assure that its software will streamline operations for small and medium sized businesses. The StratusWMS is affordable, scalable, easy to install, and flexible enough to grow with the business. “StratusWMS is a [...]

February 2012

StratusISRP – IntelliTrack Web ISRP Warehouse Software Release

Sparks, Maryland - IntelliTrack announces the release of StratusISRP (Inventory /Shipping/ Receiving/ Picking), another web based application within its new “next-generation” line of STRATUS products. IntelliTrack, Inc. recently announced its new STRATUS line of web-based software for all of its currently offered line of products. All IntelliTrack software products in the STRATUS line are available in cloud format. This new and improved format gives users a better way to gather, access, and retrieve their data storage - all [...]

January 2012

StratusStockroom – IntelliTrack Web Stockroom Release

IntelliTrack announces the release of StratusStockroom, another web based application within its new “next-generation” line of STRATUS products. IntelliTrack, Inc. recently announced its new STRATUS line of web-based software for all of its currently offered line of products.  All IntelliTrack software products in the STRATUS line are available in cloud format. This new and improved format gives users a better way to gather, access, and retrieve their data storage - all through shared configurable resources. Storing and accessing information on a cloud saves valuable company server [...]