February 2017

Supply Chain

What Are the Best Supply Chain Transparency Practices?

Most supply chain managers realize the importance of transparency, but finding the best ways of achieving it can be a difficult task. A recent study from the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business’ Global Supply Chain Institute examines six practices that can help businesses leverage supply chain transparency to maximize profits. Here is a brief look at each one. The entire study can be viewed on The Global Supply Chain Institute’s website. Focusing on Sustainability Sustainability must be viewed [...]


Giving Shipping Efficiency a Boost

When all of the various moving pieces come together just right, sound logistics practices enable customers to get the goods they want in the time and condition they expect. When things go wrong, however, it’s another story entirely. There are so many potential snags to hit along the way, from customs problems to missing products, which is why investing in logistics is essential for firms. In a recent Adigital survey of 2,000 online retailers, 92 percent of respondents said that [...]


Logistics Trends for 2017

The logistics world is changing at a rapid pace, and firms need to stay on top of the newest developments if they want to stay afloat. Here is a look at the top new innovations businesses should be embracing. Data delivery The cost of storing and analyzing vast amounts of data is relatively low, and internet connectivity has never been more widespread. Firms must view data as being a core tenet of their business, and a big part of putting this [...]


Analytics Gives Retailers an Edge

The online retail explosion has seen big firms (Amazon and Walmart) and home crafters (Etsy) alike able to cash in on new streams of revenue. While this pressures retailers to continue to innovate, some experts suggest that focusing on improving speed and efficiency is not enough. In fact, many believe that it is by gaining and acting on data-driven insights that firms can get ahead. The cloud offers cost savings and better scalability, but one of its most useful capabilities [...]

Order Fulfillment

Common Order Fulfillment Problems in Ecommerce

Although order fulfillment seems simple in theory – getting customers the goods they want when they want them – it can be difficult to consistently get it right. Order fulfillment problems can adversely affect your profits, sales, and customer satisfaction levels, and these issues can mean having to offer customers expensive incentives to keep them from taking their business elsewhere. Here is a look at a few common order fulfillment issues and how they can affect your bottom line. One [...]

Business World

What Will the Business World Look Like in 2025?

With economic growth around the world generally unimpressive, Oracle CEO Mark V. Hurd has shared some predictions for the future face of business. His first prediction is that 80 percent of IT spending is going to be in the cloud rather than traditional IT by the year 2025. Currently, that same percentage is devoted to traditional IT efforts such as testing, upgrading, patching, tuning, and other maintenance. This leaves very little left over in the budget for innovation, which is [...]


Could Hard Borders Be Coming Back?

Thanks to the changing global political landscape, some experts and observers are concerned that trade barriers are about to change the face of business – and not for the better. With Brexit and the Trump administration both showing protectionist leanings, logistics companies are worrying about the return of hard borders and how it could impact their business. Express delivery firms in particular have noted a boom in business in recent years as cross-border e-commerce continues to increase in popularity. Big [...]

Same-Day Delivery

Retailers Missing Opportunities in Same-Day Delivery

Retailers that are looking to keep up with Amazon need to ramp up their delivery services. With 89 percent of shoppers defining fast delivery as being within two days, instant gratification is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Even though Amazon is the clear leader in same-day delivery services, there is still plenty of room for the competition. Right now, Amazon only offers same-day delivery in 27 markets. According to data from L2, a quarter of shoppers say they [...]

Friday Roundup

Check out this week’s roundup below:Breaking through borders – how implementing certain strategies can help SME’s overcome exporting challenges. Read here! In an attempt to compete with Amazon and Uber, FedEx is exploring robotic options including autonomous transportation. Is the risk worth it? IT failure’s biggest expense is usually the cost of the ensuing disruption, not only while suffering computer downtime, but also the hours spent in repair. Read why IT resilience in a warehouse will reduce the cost of ownership. Register [...]

Working with IntelliTrack Stratus: Receiving and Picking Orders

In our most recent webinar, we discussed receiving and picking orders in the Intellitrack StratusISRP software. Receiving and Picking are two of StratusISRP’s four fully integrated functions used for inventory management and order fulfillment. Receiving Orders vs. Picking Orders Receiving orders are those typically associated with a purchase order, and when completed they increase your on-hand inventory. They may contain multiple line items tied to the same order number, but must include an order date and a vendor with that [...]

Cloud Computing

Multi-Enterprise Networks Solve Modern Business Problems

Now that cloud technology is nearly everywhere, data sharing and collaboration are easier than ever before. While this is very positive for firms in theory, many of the solutions that currently exist were created with single enterprise business processes in mind. A number of processes in the business world encompass outside parties, such as order to ship, demand forecasting, procure to pay, quote to cash, service performance monitoring, predictive maintenance, and transportation management, to name just a few. In fact, [...]