October 2016

warehouse with dimensional data

Ensure Your Dimensional Data is Complete and Current

It should come as no surprise that the size of the products being moved is a vital consideration when choosing material handling equipment. Despite this, many companies have item master data tables that are incomplete or out of date. Consider the example of a carton conveyor system that has rollers. In this case, not knowing the exact dimensions of the cartons that will be conveyed can cause all sorts of complications. If the cartons are too long, they could jam [...]

uber logistics

Logistics Can Learn From Uber Approach

Uber’s comprehensive transformation of taxi services has inspired many other sectors to take a similar approach. While the concept cannot be applied in every realm, there is evidence of attempts at “Uberization” everywhere you look. Whether it’s laundry, pizza deliveries, private jets, or even legal services, the influence of Uber is everywhere. What qualifies as Uberization? First of all, these types of systems do not own or operate assets. Drivers listed with Uber provide their own cars and must maintain [...]

Appealing to Modern Shoppers Requires Omni-Channel Approach

E-commerce has dramatically changed the ways in which people buy products, and this, in turn, is causing a noticeable shift in brick-and-mortar stores. Many retailers are turning their shops into destinations in their own right in response to consumers’ growing preference for shopping online. For example, FAO Schwarz closed their famous Fifth Avenue store last summer, but they are not closing up shop altogether in favor of online shopping. The store’s owner, Toys ‘R Us, is also looking for [...]

warehouse stacking

Is Your Warehouse Overlooking These Common Warehouse Stacking Issues?

A safely stacked warehouse might seem like a straightforward proposition. If boxes aren’t falling over or starting to sway, they must not be overstacked, right? Unfortunately, some warehouses can find themselves putting their workers and stock in danger by overlooking some seemingly minor issues. Here is a look at some of the most common ones to keep an eye out for. Incorrectly Stacked Loads This might seem obvious, but the truth is that even if you’ve calculated just how high you [...]

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Make sure you register to join today’s first webinar of a  on-going webinar series, Working With IntelliTrack Stratus! This is a complimentary series of educational webinars designed to help customers, customers considering Stratus, and partners better understand the features, functionality and benefits that our Stratus product line has to offer.In today’s webinar we’ll discuss how the feature of StratusCheckOut works and how it may benefit your organization. You don’t want to miss out! Click on the image above to register [...]


Pallets Continue to Play Vital Role in Warehouses

Pallets have been used in warehouses and transportation for a long time for good reason. Even as technology advances, they remain one of the best ways to store and move materials while keeping damage to the products to a minimum. They are also generally preferred by customers because they are so easy to maneuver with material handling equipment. A recent poll carried out by Peerless Research Group (PRG) found that the most important factor when deciding which type of pallet [...]

supply chain

3 Top Focuses for Ensuring a Bright Future for the Supply Chain

At the recent annual conferences for APICS and CSCMP, the industry’s top professionals focused on some of the challenges that the industry is facing at the moment. Here is a look at three concerns that need to be addressed to help ensure a bright future for the supply chain industry. Talent Crisis on the Horizon Baby Boomers are dominating the supply chain at the moment, which means there could be a mass exodus in the next decade as these middle managers [...]

cloud-based wms

Cloud-Based WMS Could Become Viable for Larger Enterprises

Until now, cloud-based warehouse management systems (WMS) have appealed primarily to startups and smaller companies that lack the funds or infrastructure to launch their own on-premises WMS. For a company that does not have its own IT team – much less the time and money needed to implement this type of project – a cloud solution can bring about similar benefits. Third-party logistics companies (3PLs) have also been drawn to these systems due in no small part to their [...]

order fulfillment

Is Multi-Location Order Fulfillment Always The Right Choice?

All businesses want to succeed, but sudden growth can sometimes bring with it a lot of nerve-wracking decisions. As an e-commerce company’s supply chain operations expand to accommodate such growth, shipping processes can become a lot more expensive. Switching to multi-location fulfillment can be a viable option for some firms that have reached this point, but it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of adopting this approach. Advantages The [...]

Friday Roundup

Check out this week’s roundup of posts: 1. The Hidden Costs of Warehouse Fires by SupplyChainDive.2. Find out why the clouds over Samsung’s smartphone supply chain are growing darker. 3. Robots equipped with face recognition technology are working in China as customs officers, check out this article to read all about it! 4. Read how automation has revived Japan’s milk industry!Let us know what you’re reading in the comments below!

Continental Survey Yields Surprising Insights About Logistics Industry

A recent study carried out by the German car part and technology firm Continental revealed that half of logistics experts are afraid that the logistics industry could end up getting left behind as digitalization continues to progress. Continental’s comprehensive “The Connected Truck” survey discovered that 28 percent of German drivers said that their firms do not think fuel saving is important in local transport within a 150-kilometer radius. Just shy of 20 percent of drivers in international and national [...]

Will Shippers Jump on the Uber Bandwagon?

Following months of speculation, Uber has finally made a decisive move into the trucking world with its acquisition of Otto, a self-driving trucking platform. The firm’s long-term goal of setting up a national digital freight matching network now appears to be one step closer to reality. Venture capital firms have been looking beyond consumer transit for quite some time now and trying to make some inroads in commercial transport. Armstrong & Associates reports that in the past five years alone, [...]