September 2016

Friday Roundup

Check out this weeks latest articles and podcasts in our industry! Let us know what you’re reading in the comments below. When Will We See Self-Driving Trucks? Listen to this podcast today! Find out why Cerasis believes that supply chain managers + procurement = success by reading this article. Discover the 3 tech trends shaping the logistics industry and warehousing.

big data

Businesses Need A Multidisciplinary Approach To Get The Most Out Of Big Data

If data is king, is big data even better? It might be tempting to think this is the case, but the truth is that big data is really only useful if you know exactly what it is that you are looking for among it. All of the information in the world will not do much for you if you don’t know how to use it to create meaningful insights. When people make purchases, a vast amount of data is recorded [...]

warehouse management system

How to Best Implement First In First Out (FIFO) in a Warehouse Environment

There are many things to consider when implementing FIFO. In most cases this practice should be implemented regardless of whether or not the quality of your product degrades over time. Whether you have products that have a who’s quality degrades over time or your products do not degrade over time, implementing a FIFO put away and pick process will improve the overall operation. Having a warehouse management that simply directs operators to the oldest inventory first may not meet the [...]


How Can Companies Boost Their Chances Of IoT Success?

Operations and IT professionals have never been inundated with quite so many big changes at once as they are today. Right now, they have to contend with four major shifts at once: big data processing, cloud computing, IoT and enterprise mobility. Perhaps the most mysterious and promising of these is the Internet of Things. It might sound like it’s simply a matter of connecting some sensors and gathering data, but the right approach can completely transform a company or [...]

international shipping

Don’t Overlook International Shoppers This Holiday Season

As retailers put all the pieces in place for a successful holiday season, one area that can sometimes get overlooked is international shopping. Domestic approaches won’t cut it when it comes to winning the international e-commerce race, so strategic approaches need to be adopted to reach this valuable group of consumers. It’s a perfectly sound strategy to promote a winter coat sale come holiday time in the U.S., but it’s equally important to bear in mind that it’s actually summertime [...]


Blockchain Set To Disrupt Business

Move aside, mobile and cloud. There’s a new disruptor about to take the business world by storm: the blockchain. You only need to consider its ability to securely transfer money through the internet to get a taste of its true potential. Trust is absolutely essential in the digital world, and few technologies provide this level of it. In fact, before blockchain came on the scene, there was not really any trustworthy way to ensure something was the original copy [...]

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Make sure to read this week’s roundup of articles below: Why your small business should automate its tasks via MediumCorp. Check out these 10 ideas for more efficient warehouse processes by Cerasis! The Cloud + On Premise Data = efficiency? Check out this article and let us know if you agree! Here are the latest RFID trends in retail by Barcoding, Inc. Let us know what your favorite article is, in the comments below!


Small Business Logistics Strategies Can Help SMEs Compete Globally

Small businesses might operate differently from their bigger counterparts, but online resources mean that they can still compete in the international space. Even if they lack a physical presence abroad and a billion-dollar budget, they can still make use of a sound logistics strategy in order to maintain their competitiveness. Sourcing And Shipping Products Businesses that are looking to source suppliers often turn to China, where suppliers of nearly everything imaginable can be found. Nevertheless, finding the right one is not [...]

inventory drone

Autonomous Drones Can Simplify Warehouse Inventory Monitoring

Lost inventory might not seem like that big of a deal on the surface, especially when only a few things go missing every now and then. However, it can add up quite quickly, with lost inventory costing businesses billions of dollars each year. The CEO of Intelligent Flying Machines (IFM), Marc Gyongyosi, set up his company to address this taxing issue. He says that his background working in industrial robotics for BMW highlighted the need for a good system for [...]

supply chain

Tips For Giving Your Business Supply Chain End-To-End Visibility

Visibility must be viewed as a vital component if any supply chain improvement strategy is to be successful, but getting this right can be easier said than done. Here are some tips for tackling this monumental task effectively. First of all, keep in mind that visibility is not just about sensing data; it also entails analyzing it properly and putting it into action throughout the enterprise as a whole. Predictive analytics should be used to develop a response to actual [...]

pallet racks

Set Up Bin and Rack Locations for Successful Warehouse Management

To achieve success as a warehouse operator, you will want to use inventory software to support an efficient warehouse management system. In order to optimize this automated inventory control, you need to pay close attention to the set-up of the physical space and the quality of your equipment and supplies. Take the time to consider all the important variables. Defining bin and rack locations. Most warehouse operations use three dimensions to indicate the location of items: Aisle identification Vertical section Level number However, if you [...]

dc order fulfillment

The Importance Of Keeping Your DC Order Fulfillment System Current

Even the best DC order fulfillment systems need to be managed carefully and kept up to date. This is important for several reasons, one of which is the fact that many providers eventually stop supporting technology that is outdated. While some might offer incentives to encourage shippers to modernize their technology, savvy DC managers will be motivated to do so anyway because those who insist on hanging on to the older systems can find their entire operations suffering. One auto [...]