July 2017

Meet Noel McKeon, Our Business Development Director

Here at IntelliTrack®, we’re dedicated to finding the best possible solutions for our customers. That’s why our team is made up of hardworking innovators who are focused on customer success. Each month, we’ll introduce you to one of our team members so that you can get to know us better and learn how we continuously work together to find new and innovative solutions. Continue reading to meet our first team member, Noel McKeon! Noel is our business development manager [...]

June 2017

IntelliTrack® Now Available in QuickBooks Desktop App Store

Leading software provides advanced inventory management for QuickBooks Desktop users SPARKS, Md. – IntelliTrack, Inc., a leading provider of innovative inventory management software, has released a new integration with Intuit QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Desktop is the premier accounting solution for small to medium-sized businesses. IntelliTrack provides QuickBooks Desktop users with an easy-to-use, web-based solution for their inventory management needs. The newly updated integration allows business owners to track their inventory data, purchase orders, and sales data and seamlessly sync it with [...]

May 2017

Become an IntelliTrack® Customer and Receive a Free Simple Start Package

IntelliTrack® is the simplest way to manage your inventory. Whether you have a small stockroom, a large warehouse, or a variety of assets that you want to track, we’re here to help you get your inventory management system up and running painlessly. This summer, new IntelliTrack customers who sign on for our web-based inventory management software will receive a FREE Simple Start service package. That’s a value of $1,895! Our Simple Start package includes:Expert setup of your account by our skilled [...]

Software Updates Completed on May 21, 2017

IntelliTrack completed updates of our web-based software on Sunday, May 21, 2017. Continue reading for a summary of new features and updates. Expanded Data Filter Options We have increased our standard data filter options in the web application page grids. Select a filter option for a data column from the new Filter dropdown menu. The new Filter dropdown menu allows you to easily filter page data from a myriad of combinations. Select from standard options such as “Begins with,” “Contains,” “Doesn’t contain,” “Ends with,” [...]

IntelliTrack Updates Scheduled for Sunday, May 21, 2017

On Sunday, March 21, 2017, we will be making scheduled updates to our IntelliTrack web-based software. These updates will take approximately one hour, during which time will be unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. After these updates have been finalized, we will provide information regarding any changes and new features. Please check back next week to learn more about these exciting updates to IntelliTrack! Thank you!

IntelliTrack® Debuts Updated Brand Identity

Leading inventory management software provider uses new messaging to strengthen customer experience SPARKS, Md. – IntelliTrack, Inc., a leading provider of innovative inventory management software, recently debuted a completely redesigned brand identity. The new branding, which includes updated logos, tagline, brand statement, color palettes and positioning, will provide a better experience for customers and partners and guide the way that IntelliTrack innovates in the future. “At IntelliTrack, we’re dedicated to continuously improving and expanding our solutions to best serve our customers,” [...]


Working With IntelliTrack Stratus: Report Designer

In our latest webinar, we discussed using the End User Report Designer in Stratus. The Report Designer is available to every Stratus customer. If it is not already on your account, it can be added at any time. Operations of the Report Designer The Report Designer is a separate windows application that lets you create custom reports or barcode labels. These reports and labels can be created from scratch, tied to data within Stratus, and then loaded in the Stratus [...]

April 2017


Working With IntelliTrack Stratus: Containers in StratusISRP

In our latest webinar, we discussed the use of containers in StratusISRP. Containers are so important because they allow supply chains to block inventory together in logical units. This simplifies the process of tracking containers during moving, picking, and receiving operations. In StratusISRP, each container is given a specific container type depending on its size and whether or not it holds smaller containers. Adding Containers in StratusISRP Adding a container involves selecting a pre-existing container type or the creation of [...]


Working With IntelliTrack Stratus: Barcode Parsing

In our latest webinar, we focused on the barcode parsing rules available in Stratus. These features are available to every Stratus user, as they are core components to the Stratus system. Barcode Parsing Explained Barcode parsing filters unwanted data from a barcode when it is scanned into your StratusMobile account. Vendors may supply barcodes that use specific naming conventions, and your company or organization may want to use a different format. This allows your team to use a naming convention unique [...]

March 2017


Working With IntelliTrack Stratus: Exploring the Optional Settings in StratusMobile

In our most recent webinar, we focused on the optional settings available in Stratus Mobile and how these settings can be customized to best fit your business needs. Change Data Collection Mode: Batch vs. RF On your handheld, simply press Tools>Mode on the bottom taskbar. This will bring you to a screen where either Batch or RF Mode can be selected. For more in-depth information on these two modes, see this webinar. User Preferences: Inventory Select Tools>Preferences on the bottom taskbar. This [...]

Supply Chain

The Future of Supply Chain Visibility

As supply chain visibility continues to mature quickly, it becomes more indispensable to businesses. The rise of the consumer-centric supply chain with its emphasis on giving people endless choices has placed a lot of pressure on supply chains to switch from a focus on scalability to one that is responsive and agile. In addition, supply chains that were once linear and focused on shipping full truckloads have given way to more frequent, smaller shipments, which means inventory visibility has [...]