December 2016

Friday Roundup

  Check out this weeks round up below: 1. Amazon is using robot technology to address their high warehouse turnover, check it out here! 2. UPS’ CIO sees the future of supply chain as being completely autonomous  3. The 5-day air freight strike has reached an end and pilots are returning in time for the retail peak season.  4. Congress is stepping in to help address IoT security issues  What are you all catching up or reading this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

vertical supply chain

How Walgreens Took Advantage of CVS’s Vertical Supply Chain Reliance

The vertical supply chain model that was adopted by CVS Health paid off quite well for the drug store chain initially, but now competitor Walgreens has found a way to give the drug store chain a run for its money. When CVS Health acquired the country’s top pharmaceutical benefit manager (PBM), Caremark, and integrated its supply chain, it reaped tremendous benefits, saving on internal costs and bringing lower prices to its vast customer base. PBMs serve as brokers of sorts, [...]

November 2016


Delivery: How Retailers Are Getting Customers Their Goods Faster

It wasn’t that long ago that delivery times of three to five days were the norm. Next-day delivery eventually took over as the preferred method thanks to conceptual changes to warehouses and increases in warehouse locations in general, with many people willing to pay a premium for the convenience. Now, however, such delivery options are often expected by consumers—for free. A 2016 study by Walker Sands shows that half of all people shopping online have made use of one-day [...]

henry ford

What Modern Supply Chains Can Learn From Henry Ford

Henry Ford was a revolutionary in manufacturing in his time, but the current manufacturing environment is so different that it might be hard to believe that modern supply chains can still learn some lessons from his approach. In fact, Ford was a supply chain pioneer. He was a strong supporter of innovation as well as an early technology adopter. His company’s basic tenets – namely, providing affordable products designed with customers in mind – remain key business principles to this [...]

shipments freezing

How Can You Prevent Shipments from Freezing?

The influx of holiday purchases is not the only problem that the supply chain finds itself dealing with as the holiday season kicks into full swing. There is also the very important matter of the wintry weather and the possibility of temperature-sensitive goods freezing. What can be done to mitigate this? First of all, being better able to anticipate delays in transportation and map suppliers that might be affected by freezing temperatures or big storms is a good idea. This [...]

Friday Roundup

Check out this week’s round up of posts below:What does the future hold for big data applications at my company in the next 5 years?Read how advanced asset tracking systems can turn business around Hanjin: A timleline of actions and disruptions via SupplyChainDive Here’s why home-furnishings giant Ikea is going green with solar panels on their distribution centersLet us know what you’re reading in the comments below!


Retail Supply Chains Must be Prepared for Omni-Channel Approach

Long gone are the days when the only option consumers had was to head out to their local stores, wait in line, and make a purchase from whatever items happened to be in stock while they were there. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores are now just one in a line of shopping channels that consumers can choose from, with people also buying items from their computers, tablets, smartphones, third-party retailers, and even pop-up stores. As online shopping becomes a way of [...]


Managing Supply Chain Risks in the Face of a Hurricane

Recent natural disasters have brought the vulnerability of the supply chain to the forefront. The Atlantic Coast recently saw its most powerful storm in more than a decade in the form of Hurricane Matthew. Several of the states in its wrath were home to supply destinations, logistics and transport hubs, and key ports. In fact, the Business Information Industry Association reports that the ports involved make up nearly 20 percent of American container import shipments and half of all [...]


Data Governance in the Hybrid Cloud Environment

Even though many companies are making the move to cloud applications, most of them are still heavily invested in on-premise operational applications. Even companies that plan to jump headfirst into the cloud end up using hybrid cloud/on-premise data management for a number of practical reasons. They might begin by instituting a cloud application for HR or CRM, for example, later adding cloud database and then eventually bringing in analytics abilities. Retrofitting data governance into existing systems can be tricky. [...]

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Make sure to check out this week’s roundup of the latest articles below: 1. Location, location, location! Would IoT would be lost without location data? Read about it here!  2. Warehouse & Distribution Center Management: 5 Tips for Success3. Why are FedEx, UPS opening so many distribution centers? Click here to read why! 4. Could the U.S regions abandoned because globalization are experiencing a resurgence in jobs? Check out these supply chain strategies for a post-global world! Comment below with what you’re reading [...]

robotic forklift

Robotic Forklifts and Pickers Making Warehouse Operations Easier

Driverless cars might be getting a lot of attention these days, but the idea of driverless forklifts has been around for decades. Half a century ago, driverless forklifts ran along overhead wires. Their modern counterparts make use of driverless robotic equipment to help with picking and moving. Modern shoppers tend to buy things more frequently and make smaller orders, which is making warehouse operations increasingly costly and labor-intensive. Full case and layer picking are playing a bigger role, and safety [...]