July 2016

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Make sure that this weekend you catch up on your reading on logistics and warehouse improvement! Check them out below: How can logistics support the healthcare industry to help send cancer packing? Here are the 6 best practices for e-commerce warehousing to improve production Hear this podcast: The Devastating Impact of Food Recalls on the Supply Chain TMS becomes more affordable thanks to cloud technology! Find out more here. Comment below and let us know what you're reading!

Unitech Technology First to Be Certified For Android Version of IntelliTrack Stratus

IntelliTrack Inc. and Unitech America Inc. announce the official certification of the new Stratus Mobile Inventory App on Unitech’s PA700 and PA692A rugged handheld computers. Cypress, California, USA—July 22, 2016—IntelliTrack Inc., an industry leader in cloud based inventory software, has released Stratus Mobile for Android on the Unitech PA700 and PA692A. The Android app facilitates total control of company inventory in a small to mid-sized business. The Android app for Stratus Mobile, coupled with Unitech’s rugged handheld computers and the Stratus [...]

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What Factors Go Into a Seamless Supply Chain?

Firms that have gotten fully onboard in recent years with the philosophy of buying anywhere, making anywhere, and selling anywhere are now being confronted with a number of complex supply chain considerations. The conditions have never been more volatile for those who are focused on outsourcing and globalization, with the increase in mergers, shorter product lifecycles and even Brexit all shaking things up. At the same time, traditional supply chain practices are being disrupted by things like 3D printing, the [...]

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Success: Finding The Right Recipe

Success in supply chains is often measured by cost reductions, but XPO Freight President Tony Brooks believes that inventory, time and working capital are far better ways to gauge supply chain success. Several shippers have voiced their agreement with this statement and expressed their frustration at the fact that transport savings is often fixated on at the expense of other vital aspects. One important part of Brooks’ argument is that transportation is so much more than merely a cost. It [...]


The Real Reason Traditional Retailers Are Struggling To Keep Up

Retail stores are closing throughout the country, and major retailers like Sports Authority are going bankrupt. At the same time, Amazon is enjoying incredible growth. What is behind this state of affairs? One big problem is the fact that many of the traditional retailers are failing to reorganize their businesses and adopt new ways of thinking. The traditional model of the store as the place where products are displayed and sold was dependent on merchandising and supply chain efficiency. Promotions [...]


E-Commerce Success Hinges Largely On Sound Logistics Practices

E-commerce has taken off in recent years, and for firms that want to succeed in this field, getting the logistics right is vital. Every step of the process needs to be managed carefully, from packaging and labeling to billing and payment. Inventory management and warehousing cannot be overlooked, and it’s also important to have a solid reverse logistics process in place to handle returns and exchanges. Besides the quality of the product itself, logistics can make a huge impact on [...]

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Check out this week's roundup below: Why modern warehousing must keep up with e-commerce Distribution disruption – ready or not here it comes! Read more to anticipate some of the changes that will impact the supply chain. Could the use of voice picking systems assist in optimizing warehouse and distribution efficiencies? Find out more here. Check out how our StratusStockroom software helped Jekyll Island Authority keep up with influx of changes and inventory. Tell us what you're reading in the comments below!

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High-Level Supply Chain Approaches that Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Can Adopt

While midsized companies don’t have the same needs as firms at the enterprise level, they can adopt some of their approaches to make their supply chain a successful one. One of the most useful tools for a business that wants to improve efficiency is a comprehensive written strategy for its supply chain. Supply chain expert J. Paul Dittman, PhD, has found that big enterprises that follow this approach note higher shareholder value and better profits than firms that ignore this [...]


Look Out For These 4 Common Shipping Mistakes

Shipping can make or break a modern business. It’s barely given a second thought when things are going well, but when problems arise, it has the power to derail your entire operation. Here is a look at the most common mistakes that can throw the shipment process for a loop and how you can avoid making them. Late Carriers Transportation is very unpredictable because so many variables can affect when a driver actually shows up. Communication throughout the supply chain is [...]

IntelliTrack Inc. Releases Android App for Stratus Inventory Software

IntelliTrack Inc. now offers an Android App for its Stratus product line, a set of cloud based inventory control software solutions, allowing real-time data capture and validation via barcode scanning, inventory visibility, and access from mobile devices running the Android operating system. Sparks, MD, USA, July 19, 2016 - IntelliTrack Inc., an industry leader in cloud based inventory software, has released an Android app for total control of company inventory in a small to mid-sized business. Customers can use it with [...]

Boosting Inventory Accuracy By Cycle Counting Inventory

Despite the best efforts of management and modern inventory management software, inaccurate inventory counts are still a real possibility. When inventory data does not line up with what is actually in the warehouse, order fulfillment delays are likely, which can lead to dissatisfied customers. There isn’t really one single way to move closer to inventory accuracy. Instead, it’s an endeavor that needs to be approached from a few angles. First of all, work processes need to be mapped and [...]

July 17, 2016 Stratus Updates

Stratus contains new features and a new look in this release. New Look Stratus has a new look! The Stratus web application pages look bolder and more uniform with their redesigned icons and headings. If you are not seeing the new Stratus orange icons, please clear your cache so that you are able to view our latest and greatest web pages. Depreciation Stratus now offers a depreciation feature for assets, which is available by division. Account for an asset’s decrease in value over [...]