April 2016

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! This week’s roundup gives you a range of articles to help you catch up on some reading this weekend! Can we expect to see co-existence between humans and robots in the warehouse? Learn about if inventory leanness impacts performance here! Check out this article to see why Network is IoT’s biggest solution AND biggest challenge! Feel free to share the articles or let us know what you're reading this weekend!  

IntelliTrack Releases StratusISRP Plugin for QuickBooks

IntelliTrack Inc. now offers a StratusISRP Plugin to increase the functionality of QuickBooks for seamless management of inventory and financial activities. IntelliTrack Inc., an industry leader in inventory software, has released a plugin that combines the power, benefits and features of their cloud based IntelliTrack StratusISRP with Intuit’s QuickBooks. The result is fully integrated, end-to-end inventory management from purchasing and receiving items to selling, shipping and invoicing. The plugin extends the functionality of QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise versions 2011 and later [...]

cloud challenges

Cloud Challenges Businesses Must Overcome

The cloud might have a lot of benefits in terms of scalability, elasticity, and costs, but enterprises have generally been slow to make the switch. In fact, a 2014 Gartner survey found that less than half of organizations that have big data programs used the cloud. Many established enterprises have invested a lot of money into their on-site data centers, and they are reluctant to switch over and learn a new system. One problem is that cloud services are completely [...]

driverless vehicle

Driverless Vehicles—Paving the Way for Enhanced Logistics

The Chang’an Automobile Engineering & Research Institute in China conducted a wide-scale study earlier this month, which consisted of a 2,000 kilometer test drive of two cars, but both cars had driverless technology. According a report, both cars performed optimally under traditional road conditions, as well as normal urban highways and driveways. However, it was found that both cars needed human intervention when it came to the navigational aspect of the test run. For example, the cars needed human [...]

3D printing

3D Printing Is Changing The Face Of Manufacturing

Getting a product on a store shelf, all the way from the design stage to manufacturing to distribution, is a very tedious process, not to mention rather expensive. The early stages are typically the most time-consuming. This usually entails coming up with a concept, building a 3D model with software, having a prototype created and shipped, reviewing it, and tweaking it multiple times until everything is just right. However, with 3D printing, all of these steps can be done [...]


The Benefits Of Robots in Warehouses Vastly Outweigh the Drawbacks

Robots are quickly taking over the logistics industry, with Amazon paving the way and companies around the world following suit. It’s easy to see their appeal. After all, they do not need to take bathroom breaks or sleep. They follow orders to the letter, they are never late for work, and they do not get paid a salary. However, there is much more behind their rise. Factors like the aging workforce and foreign investment are also playing a big [...]

Friday Roundup

This week’s round up gives you a great roundup of articles on sustainability in honor of Earth day! Check them out below: Do you know what role big data could play in environmental sustainability? The devastating earthquake in Japan last week halted supply chain operations. Weather can affect supply chain no matter the season, but is your business prepared?  Happy Friday and make sure to share your favorite article with us! [...]


Cloud Security Concerns on the Rise

The cloud has been a game-changer for IT organizations, cutting down on the amount of hands-on time on setting up new products. However, security is still a concern. Luckily, new tools are constantly being developed in order to help better secure the cloud. Micro-segmentation is a new technique in cloud security. Current State of Cloud Security Let’s take a look back at current datacenter security before we dive-in to micro-segmentation. Currently, most security experts focus on creating a hardened outer-shell—nothing [...]

fleet logistics

New Logistics Marketplace Gets $4 Million Funding Boost

Companies could soon find the headache-inducing process of choosing a logistics provider much simpler thanks to Fleet. The new marketplace, which enables companies to compare quotes from various logistics providers quickly and easily in one place, just received $4 million in seed funding in a round led by Hunt Technology Ventures. Other investors included Telegraph Hill Capital, NFQ, Placid Ventures, Latam Partners, and 1517 Fund. The startup was initially launched under the name of Shipstr in 2014 to connect small [...]


What Will The Next Decade Of Pharmaceutical Logistics Look Like?

The recently released “Clinical Trial Supply and Logistics For Pharma 2016-2026” report from Visiongain paints a detailed picture of the pharmaceutical logistics industry over the next ten years. What can companies that supply and assist clinical trials expect? According to the report, the global clinical trial support market will expand significantly, reaching $19.5 billion by the year 2020. The various markets are assessed on the global, submarket and national levels. The report takes a look at the current and upcoming [...]


Three Factors You Can’t Ignore For Freight Logistics Success

If you want to be successful in freight logistics, you need to consider a lot of different factors, some of which tend to be neglected in modern business. CTB-certified Logistics expert Brandon Hurst has shared some of his favorite tips for succeeding in logistics. Think Long-Term The nature of freight logistics often necessitates making a lot of quick decisions. Solving problems quickly is important, but you should never do this at the expense of considering the bigger picture. Be sure [...]

Friday Roundup

In this week’s roundup, we have the latest articles in logistics and IoT! Make sure to catch up on your reading and let us know what your favorite articles were this week. Trucking companies seek to deliver premium shipping without the high cost, but can they make it to the fast lane? Read the article here. Find out which tech trends are having a major impact on global logistics! How can logistics see the use of transport drones in 2016? Click here [...]