May 2016


Wooden Pallets Remain A Vital Part Of The Global Economy

Wooden pallets might not get a lot of thought from the average consumer, but the fact remains that they are one of the most important parts of the global economy. Without them, goods would be more difficult to obtain—not to mention a lot more expensive! Around 80 percent of goods in America are transported in pallets during at least part of their life cycle. In fact, there are 2 billion wooden pallets in use in the U.S. at any given [...]

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Check out this weeks roundup of great articles to catch you up on all your Supply Chain reading! The ecommerce giant Inc. is on the hunt for a technology platform to help expand it's freight transportation. Check it out here! Do your shipping boxes ever go missing? Check out how RFID tags helped Johnson controls unravel the riddle of missing crates! Check out these 5 tips to optimize pallet flow design & installation! Leave us a comment below on what articles you're [...]

IntelliTrack DMS & WMS Get Major Upgrades in Version 9.0

Locally installed software can be arduous to manage. There are often patches and updates to be applied, additional licenses to be procured, and physical hardware to be reconfigured. This is why we at IntelliTrack fully believe in, and extoll the virtues of the SaaS software model. However, we know that this model doesn't work for everyone and there is still a legitimate need to keep locally installed software in place. This is why IntelliTrack continues to update and improve [...]

Delivery drone

UPS, Amazon Approaching Drone Delivery In Unique Ways

Some observers have been quick to brush off the idea of delivering packages to consumers by drone, but several companies are seriously considering such an option, chief among them Amazon, UPS, Domino’s, and Walmart. While Amazon is the name that most people tend to associate with the concept, there are no indications that they will be launching drone deliveries from their fulfillment centers to consumers’ doors any time soon. A number of hurdles are preventing this service from getting off [...]


Logistics Getting More Attention Than Ever

As the consumer and retail markets continue to undergo a dramatic shift, logistics capabilities are increasingly becoming a key determinant of a business’s success. While logistics used to be mostly relegated to the backroom and not really part of the customer experience directly, it is now something that is indeed reaching end customers, and the idea of logistics has even made its way into the mainstream lexicon thanks to the marketing efforts of some couriers and forwarding companies. [...]

retail package

Retail Supply Chain Noting Increased Focus On Logistics Speed

Many retailers feel that customers are not quite as loyal as they once were, and one way they are trying to attract and retain modern customers is by boosting their logistics speed. The Executive Director of Auburn University’s Center for Supply Chain Interventions, Brian Gibson, feels that “speed to market” is becoming a more vital metric for American retailers, and their focus on supply chain services is likely to grow even stronger in the future. He reached this conclusion after interviewing [...]

Friday Roundup

This week’s roundup features awesome articles on all things Supply Chain related as well as an infographic! Let us know what types of articles you are reading over the weekend in the comments below. Did you see that Intellitrack just released a StratusISRP plugin for QuickBooks? Read all about here: Take a look at the below showing up a few tips on building a flexible #SupplyChain Wondering how to manage and monitor your assets in an easy way? Read this article [...]

supply chain cash flow

Improve Cash Flow By Investing In Supply Chain Efficiency

While it is crucial for businesses to maintain cash flow in order to keep all systems running smoothly, many companies conduct cash flow planning only once each year. As a result, their survival rate is only 36%. For companies that conduct cash flow planning once each month, the survival rate shoots up to 80%. Mid-market companies depend on cash flow management to help make up for their reduced margin of error for outflow and inflow timing, smaller investment pool [...]

truck fleets

Blackberry To Launch New Asset-Tracking System For Truck Fleets

Truck fleets are set to get a big operational boost thanks to a new asset-tracking system that is being launched by BlackBerry. The Ontario-based smartphone manufacturer, which used to be known as Research in Motion Ltd, says its new system will help trucking companies as well as private truck fleets at a very accessible price. Some of the benefits the system promises to bring are increased revenue per trailer, optimized shipping container utilization, theft reduction, and increased on-time delivery. The system, [...]

Reverse Logistics

New Reverse Logistics Model For Circular Supply Chains Announced By DHL

A new reverse logistics model will enable companies to develop closed-loop or circular product supply chains with greater efficiency than before. The model is being developed in a collaboration between Deutsche Post DHL, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and Cranfield University. It is known as the Reverse Logistics Maturity Model, or RLMM, and it was revealed in a recent report called “Waste not, want not: Capturing the value of the circular economy through reverse logistics.” This tool gives businesses detailed guidance on [...]


Merchant Shippers Find Surprising Benefits With 3PL

While many merchants like to keep fulfillment in house and under their control, there are many benefits to be gained by using a 3PL partner. The MCM Outlook Survey found that 3PL use is growing in popularity but only slightly, and it is still far from the norm. In 2015, 21.2 percent of respondents said they used a 3PL; that figure rose to 26.5 percent in 2016. However, among those who do not use a 3PL, only 2.9 percent said [...]

Friday Roundup

Check out this week’s roundup of articles ranging from inventory management to looking at ways industries can keep up with the complexities in logistics and manufacturing. April marked the 60th anniversary of the first shipping containers! Check out this article on the history of shipping containers and their critical role in the global supply chain. Read about the 5 most common inventory mistakes and how to avoid them! With the growing complexities of our global economy, can the logistics and manufacturing industries keep [...]