Mailroom Management & Proof of Delivery

Mailroom Management & Proof of Delivery

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The management of facility services, such as the mailroom, within a company are complex. Within the world of postal and courier services, there have been a lot of changes in recent years regarding regulation, pricing and security. For organizations with offices across the world, or who often send or receive packages from overseas, mail management can become even more of a challenge.

IntelliTrack offers Package Track, mailroom software that allows workers to send and receive packages using Windows CE/Mobile handheld computers with built-in barcode scanners.

Once a package arrives, IntelliTrack Package Track can tell the user exactly where the package is located. Once a packaged is received, the tracking number is scanned. No tracking number? No problem—IntelliTrack Package Track creates tracking numbers for packages without them.

After the tracking number is scanned and the signature is captured, recipients are informed that their package has arrived via email.

Between increasing postal regulations and organizations with multiple mailrooms and loading docks, Package Track offers the support needed for any busy mailroom.

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