IntelliTrack Warehouse Management Software (WMS)


Inventory Management Solutions for Warehouse and SMB Distribution

The IntelliTrack suite of Warehouse Management Software (WMS) solutions allow you to:

  • Track product from receiving and moves around the warehouse to picking, packing and shipping
  • Manage warehouse operations in multiple sites
  • Integrate with back office systems

Our reliable, affordable IntelliTrack options for warehouses and SMB distribution centers range from a basic standalone Inventory Shipping Receiving Picking (ISRP) package to the comprehensive WMS RF Standard and WMS RF Professional systems.

Features of IntelliTrack’s Warehouse Management Software

IntelliTrack WMS is an affordable, robust system for inventory management. If you use five or more handheld barcode scanners in your warehouse or distribution center, you need our WMS solution.

Track and manage items from receiving through to shipping all on just one dashboard where you can:

  • Input data about product into a centralized database; e.g. serial/lot number, expiry date, location, vendor, picture
  • Access data by browsing or a specific query; e.g. item number or location
  • Automate specific reports and alerts; e.g. today’s orders received and shipped, stock levels, reorder alerts
    Do accurate cycle counts
  • Generate picking and shipping orders

Our IntelliTrack WMS system puts you in complete control of your inventory from storage location and movement within the warehouse to order fulfilment and replenishment. You can access all the real time data you need for monitoring and adjusting ongoing operations and all the aggregate reports necessary for longer term business planning.

In addition to tracking all your inventory, WMS has two features that are invaluable for strategic efficiencies and profitability.

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Successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) depends on the effective integration of a system such as IntelliTrack WMS into all your other information systems. No matter what size your business is, the mission critical back office functions include accounting, purchasing, sales, shipping and even HR. Our IntelliTrack specialists can apply their extensive experience to developing a robust, reliable, integrated ERP system to support all your business processes.

QuickBooks is the most popular accounting and financial software to integrate with IntelliTrack WMS. Using WMS inventory data, QuickBooks can track sales, invoices, payments and payroll, really an all-in-one package for managing warehouse financial activities.

Examples of other companion systems for Intellitrack WMS include:

  • SYSPRO for financial planning, budgeting and management
  • Retail Pro for Point of Sale functions
  • Workday supports human resources management
  • SAP provides comprehensive, back office HR and financial management
  • Sage produces business software MAS90 and MAS500
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV for managing payables, receivable, general ledger functions, purchase orders and invoices

These are only a few of the software options that can be integrated with IntelliTrack WMS. After the IntelliTrack team reviews your operations, they can recommend a solution that is just right for your particular business needs.


Plan now for managing your inventory tomorrow. There is always the possibility of growing your business by developing a larger customer base, increasing your product line and/or opening other warehouses. When you decide on a WMS solution, choose a system that has the capacity to accommodate expanded operations.

You are making an investment in your company’s future when you install a WMS system. Share your long term plans with the IntelliTrack team so they can provide the best recommendations for software and the necessary hardware.

Manage Your Entire Warehouse Inventory from One Dashboard. 
Set up automation so every time you log in, you will get set tasks accomplished.View orders due today, or items recently received. You can browse by items such as new receiving order, item data, inventory data, locations, or select specific reports.
Search For Items. Find Products.
Search by item number or location. Organize by site. Easily export to Excel or other program.
Keep Your Entire Inventory At Your Fingertips
Keep an entire database of your inventory at your fingertips. Customized units of input allow you to organize your database the way that works best for your business. Pictures allow easy organization.
Easily Browse and Search Your Database
Select reports based on any criteria. You can search with pictures, by lot, expiration date, item, category, and even by inventories with negative quantities and more.


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Benefits of IntelliTrack WMS

Either version of IntelliTrack WMS is efficient and easy to use. It quickly proves its worth with:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced errors in ordering and shipping
  • Elimination of stock surpluses and shortages
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Automated and on-demand reports to support operational reviews and long term planning

Return on Investment for Small Warehouse

All these benefits improve your bottom line. For example, there’s a small warehouse that shows cost savings up to 90%:

10,000 SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) in 4000 locations need to be accounted for in the warehouse. Item counts are required for each location. Each item count takes approximately 1 minute when counting manually with a pen and paper. The same item count takes approximately 18 seconds using a barcode scanner. Due to the 99.8% inventory accuracy when using a barcode scanner, inventory counts were no longer necessary twice a month and were decreased to twice a year. 

Paper vs. Barcode Scanners – $9,000 In Savings

Which WMS Version is Right for You?


ISRPIf ISRP looks right for your business, check out the details of its features and benefits. Then, contact our IntelliTrack rep for further information. If there are just a few of you managing the inventory, and you don’t think you need even the basic ISRP functionalities, click on our Inventory Software Wizard  to find the perfect product for your business, such as our IntelliTrack Stockroom, Check In/Out, Package Track or Fixed Assets.

Intellitrack Warehouse Management System (WMS) Can Help You Reduce Costs Up To 90% We know that running and operating a warehouse is no simple task. There are orders to process, inventory to track, and a number of employees and locations to juggle. But what if you had a way to track your inventory, manage your warehouse operations, and maximize your efficiency while lowering your costs?With our Intellitrack Warehouse Management System, you can do just that. Our WMS software is an all-in-one fundamental software system essential for running a cost-effective and efficient warehouse.TradePortUSA Find out how IntelliTrack’s WMS helped TradePort strengthen their operations, reduce costs and improve relations with their customers. Click here to read more.



Easy Integration. Efficient Tracking.



  • Efficient, accurate data capture and access on one central database
  • Track by serial/lot number, locations, vendor, expiry
  • date, picture or any other descriptor you want using WMS barcode technology
  • Monitor ongoing operations by product, worker or location
  • Automate picking and shipping
  • Fast, accurate, automated shipping when WMS integrated with key shipping company software
  • Do accurate cycle counts
  • Track stock levels to eliminate shortages or surpluses
  • Increase productivity by using real time data to redeploy workers and/or product
  • Generate automatic or on-demand reports for operational and strategic planning and for performance management
  • Integrate with QuickBooks to track sales, expenses, invoices, payments and payroll
  • Integrate with SAP, Workday, Retail Pro and other information systems for coordinated back office functions
  • Scalable for any size operation; WMS can expand as your business grows
  • Customize WMS to accommodate your unique business processes

Case Study IntelliTrack Works With ZM Sheet Metal