Three Indispensable Tips To Prepare For Warehouse Digitization

Digitization is everywhere these days, but some areas of business have been slower to adapt than others. Marketing and manufacturing have gotten on board with big data and analytics fairly quickly, while some supply chain managers are falling behind. Even though it’s a tremendous task, technological advancements mean that now is a great time to … Read more

Making The Most Of Racking And Shelving Options

Many expenses go into calculating storage costs, from the big expense of holding inventory to fixed costs like utilities and rent. New premises often have startup costs, and there are also dynamic costs like stacker cranes, conveyors, and forklifts. A warehouse’s size has a strong influence on labor costs, which typically eat up a big … Read more

eCommerce Logistics Continues to Evolve

What does eCommerce logistics look like as we reach the midpoint of 2016? Between 2011 and 2012, eCommerce logistics grew to reach 5 percent of all retail operations, and it’s now the main driver of small package logistics. With small packages accounting for $82.2 billion of the overall logistics industry and growing, an increase in … Read more