What is Preventing Whole Chain Traceability in the Food Industry?

Food safety is a top concern for those in the food industry, with recalls causing serious harm to a brand’s reputation and endangering the health of customers. While many food companies are able to look “one-back” at their suppliers, the problem often come from suppliers to those suppliers or a point even further back in … Read more

Survey Uncovers Supply Chains’ Most Disruptive Technologies

The yearly Future of Supply Chain survey from SCM World has just been released, and its 1,415 respondents have overwhelmingly indicated that digitization is growing in importance. Here is a look at some of the most influential trends that are currently taking supply chain strategy by storm. Uberization When the survey was carried out in … Read more

Modern Approaches to Cycle Counting Through Unmanned Aircraft System Technology

Most businesses that have supply chain operations will end up facing inventory reconciliation problems at some point, regardless of how capable their warehouse management system happens to be. As long as humans have to come into contact with inventory, there is the possibility of error, whether it’s a small one or something more significant that … Read more

E-commerce Success Hinges on a Good Supply Chain Strategy

With a growing number of e-commerce businesses selling a wide variety of products, there are a lot of factors to take into account when devising e-commerce strategies. For example, demand volatility and product life cycle are important considerations, as are product variety and the characteristics of individual products. The type of forecast that is used, … Read more