Why Does Supplier Collaboration Often Go Wrong?

While everyone knows that collaboration is a good idea in theory, the reality for many companies that try to work closely with suppliers is much different. That’s why a recent study in the Supply Chain Management journal looked into the reasons that supply chain collaboration often fails. According to the study’s authors, many firms are … Read more

Agile Supply Chain Quickly Gaining Favor Over Lean Concept

It wasn’t too long ago that the lean supply chain was regarded as the best way to manage supply chains and manufacturing. However, as digitization and associated factors like artificial intelligence and augmented reality come to the fore, the agile supply chain is quickly generating a lean-like level of buzz. Even though agility is a … Read more

Shippers Can Benefit From Seeing Carriers In A New Light

The influx of demand for shipping brought about by the rise of global trade and e-commerce is changing the traditional relationship between shippers and carriers. The shipper-carrier relationship between these two parties are becoming increasingly stressed as shippers send out more and more packages and carriers must adjust to handle the changes in demand. One … Read more

Supply Chain Lessons From A Powerful CEO

Mike Duke was named one of the ten most powerful people by Forbes just three years ago. The former Walmart CEO restructured the firm and helped it grow with integrity, setting himself apart from many other CEOs. His background in logistics and distribution helped him to grow the company in many markets around the world. … Read more