Logistics Trends for 2017

The logistics world is changing at a rapid pace, and firms need to stay on top of the newest developments if they want to stay afloat. Here is a look at the top new innovations businesses should be embracing. Data delivery The cost of storing and analyzing vast amounts of data is relatively low, and … Read more

Expert Highlights Need for IoT Security Regulations

Internet of Things

There is currently a lot of excitement about the Internet of Things (IoT), but the term could soon take on a more negative tone if the right regulations are not put in place. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has already started going after products that have poor security, while the Food and Drug Administration … Read more

Global Supply Chain Revolution Driven by IoT and Blockchain

When IoT and blockchain work together, they can provide access to unprecedented amounts of information. Take the example of a restaurant serving up burgers that seem to have something “off” about them. Pinpointing the problem can be a monumental task, with each part of the burger coming from its own lengthy supply chain going all … Read more

Digitization and Mobility in Logistics: Better Late Than Never

The logistics and transport industry might not have been that quick to jump on the mobility and digitization bandwagon initially, but in the last few years, that has changed quite significantly as more and more companies note an increased bottom line as a result of embracing these approaches. In fact, a white paper from the … Read more