How Can Companies Boost Their Chances Of IoT Success?

Operations and IT professionals have never been inundated with quite so many big changes at once as they are in the modern day. Right now, they have to contend with four major shifts at once: big data processing, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and enterprise mobility. Perhaps the most mysterious and promising of these … Read more

How To Gain Efficiency In E-Commerce Logistics

Wal-Mart’s acquisition of has upped the stakes significantly in the e-commerce world, particularly when it comes to the battle to dominate the highly lucrative US market. Smaller e-commerce businesses still stand a chance, but only if they focus on their logistics efficiency. Having a unique selling point and clever marketing will go a long … Read more

Finding The Right Recipe For Supply Chain Success

Success in supply chains is often measured by cost reductions, but XPO Freight President Tony Brooks believes that inventory, time and working capital are far better ways to gauge supply chain success. Several shippers have voiced their agreement with this statement and expressed their frustration at the fact that transport savings is often fixated on … Read more