The Benefits of Cycle Counting


Modern retailers face a lot of challenges, but managing inventory accuracy remains one of the biggest. There are so many ways to lose track of inventory, and the numbers in the system can quickly become far different from what is actually in stock. Physical merchandise counting has to be performed regularly to maintain an accurate … Read more

Modern Approaches to Cycle Counting Through Unmanned Aircraft System Technology

Most businesses that have supply chain operations will end up facing inventory reconciliation problems at some point, regardless of how capable their warehouse management system happens to be. As long as humans have to come into contact with inventory, there is the possibility of error, whether it’s a small one or something more significant that … Read more

Boosting Inventory Accuracy By Cycle Counting Inventory

Despite the best efforts of management and modern inventory management software, inaccurate inventory counts are still a real possibility. When inventory data does not line up with what is actually in the warehouse, order fulfillment delays are likely, which can lead to dissatisfied customers. There isn’t really one single way to move closer to inventory … Read more