Survey Uncovers Latest Trends in Cloud Computing by Businesses

While companies are still making use of cloud computing, their reliance on it seems to be abating somewhat. A recent study by CompTIA revealed that more than 90 percent of firms use some type of cloud computing, but the majority consider themselves to fall into the non-critical use category than the full production category. Those … Read more

How Can Companies Boost Their Chances Of IoT Success?

Operations and IT professionals have never been inundated with quite so many big changes at once as they are in the modern day. Right now, they have to contend with four major shifts at once: big data processing, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and enterprise mobility. Perhaps the most mysterious and promising of these … Read more

Cloud Technology is Transforming the Tech Outlook for CFO’s

Astute CFO’s are waking up to the fact that the reorientation of spending on the cloud has reached a saturation point and needs to become more strategic. As of today, 88% of businesses in the UK are using cloud technology to some degree, and the impact of this is affecting a whole range of business … Read more