Happy-5th-Birthday-Intellitrack-StratusHappy 5th Birthday to the Stratus line of cloud based inventory software from IntelliTrack!

Recognizing the increasing demand for web based solutions and building on feedback from satisfied customers, IntelliTrack has worked tirelessly to design excellent technology systems for tracking inventory. Stratus solutions have been at the industry forefront since the beginning of cloud based activity.

The Stratus portfolio has expanded to the point IntelliTrack can say with confidence that every organization from a warehouse or fire department to a hospital or university can benefit from a convenient, hosted Stratus solution. This web based option provides all the necessary tools for managing inventory in an efficient, cost effective manner and produces reports to prove its value.

Integration is a signature element of IntelliTrack technology. Stratus software works easily with accounting applications such as QuickBooks, MAS90 and Great Plains and with shipping software such as ShipWorks. IntelliTrack is now taking Stratus integration services to the next level.

“We are currently investing in developing ways for Stratus to talk to external applications,” said Ron Pawlowski, COO at IntelliTrack. “We know the enhanced capacity will significantly increase the value of Stratus to our customers.”

Currently, there are seven Stratus versions available:

  • StratusInventory for fast efficient physical counts with serial and lots numbers, expiration dates and other identifying information
  • StratusStockroom for physical counts, tracking and receipts, popular for customer managed inventory services
  • StratusCheckOut for collecting and processing all data on consumable and fixed assets including reordering alerts and checking in and out
  • StratusAssets is a full service solution for all data on all inventory, even in multiple locations, reported within customized parameters; ideal for asset audits for accountability
  • StratusVMI is particularly useful for its real time data on which to base the efficient restocking of vendor managed inventory
  • StratusFirehouse for managing equipment and supplies used by fire departments often in life or death situations where there is no room for error
  • StratusISRP wraps up all the data about inventory, shipping, receiving and picking in a small to medium sized warehouse

Each Stratus application can be customized to meet the particular needs of any business concerned about efficient, cost effective inventory tracking and management. IntelliTrack excels at taking time for in-depth front end consultation so the Stratus installation is absolutely the best option available.

With more than two decades of experience responding to the needs of 20,000 customers around the world, IntelliTrack specialists are the go-to team for successful inventory management. Stratus is a stellar software solution with capacity to increase the productivity, customer satisfaction and bottom line of any business.

Pawlowski says the IntelliTrack team is looking forward to the next five years of Stratus success and encourages any business with consumable or fixed assets to come along for the ride. IntelliTrack inventory management professionals are available at 1-888-583-3008 or [email protected] to discuss the Stratus options.

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow), Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MSI) and Intellitrack recently teamed up with The Diaper Alliance—a Midland, MI-based organization, that helps families properly diaper the more than 1,500 children that live with families in poverty in Midland County.

The Diaper Alliance, founded in 2010, manages and distributes more than 17,000 diapers per month to local agencies like Salvation Army and Head Start, that allocate the diapers to families in need.  The organization has rapidly expanded and recently extended service into the surrounding Great Lakes Bay Region.

“These companies donated time and effort to The Diaper Alliance to help simplify shipping and receiving,” said Debi Keyes, Executive Director. “Because of their efforts to support us, we have continued to grow as an organization and help several families in the area.”

Dow’s AutoID Expertise Center deployed an inventory tracking application known as StratusISRP. This software from Intellitrack is web-based and gives them easy access to and efficient management of their data.  The StratusISRP handles the entire inventory, shipping, receiving, and picking needs for the Diaper Alliance team and all of it is done on Motorola handheld devices—all of which were donated to the organization.

The Dow team configured the application, installed the equipment, provided training and designed the label.  In addition, Dow has been engaged with The Diaper Alliance in moving locations and setting up their current operating facility.

When diapers are donated, they come in difference sizes, package quantities and from multiple suppliers. Dow and Motorola enabled the use of handheld devices to scan products and add quantity and vendors to make the overall process more efficient.

“We are very proud to play a role in helping to improve the quality of life for local families,” said Craig Casto, Global Expertise Center leader for Dow.

To learn more about The Diaper Alliance and also to find out how you can donate to the cause, please visit their website, www.thediaperalliance.org.

Moving your inventory management and asset tracking software to the cloud is no easy decision. However, after making the move, manufacturing companies quickly realize the cost savings and increased efficiency.

Cloud-based inventory management and asset tracking software applications are able to be quickly deployed and often require less of an IT infrastructure budget. In addition, updates to cloud-based inventory management and asset tracking software are made automatically, saving time on individual updates.

Perhaps most importantly, when combined with barcode or RFID hardware, cloud-based inventory management and asset tracking software allows for real-time data throughout the enterprise.

Access to real-time data is priceless—it allows for accurate inventory levels at all times and enables management to more accurately forecast future needs.

It’s predicted that cloud-based software will take up approximately 60 percent of all server workloads by 2014, so why wait?

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We recently made some predictions regarding RFID adoption in the warehouse in 2013. But what about warehouse inventory management software? Will cloud-based inventory software prevail in 2013?

Cloud-based software has gained popularity with an ever-increasing amount of businesses. According to Gartner, cloud-based computing will take up approximately 60 percent of all server workloads by 2014. And its expected that nearly 50% of all enterprise businesses in North America and Europe will budget for cloud computing investments in 2013.

Cloud-based inventory software allows for tracking inventory in real-time, something of instrumental importance in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Real-time inventory tracking means real-time data collection, increasing efficiency throughout the supply chain.

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Inventory software from Intellitrack provides an SaaS solution for everyone’s benefits. A successful example of the application of StratusStockroom involves a document management company which contracted services to a national aerospace company. The initiative included managing all the printing services at many locations across the country, and ensuring the operation of the thousands of printers, copiers, and fax machines used by the client. The document company also maintains many warehouses which would supply equipment parts to the client. It needed to integrate information about the client’s equipment and supplies with its own parts inventory. This kind of asset tracking is essential in providing timely responses to the client’s needs, ensuring client satisfaction, and maintaining an acceptable bottom line. Defining the RequirementIn developing a solution for the client, the document management company had to prepare for the following:

  • Inventory the client’s equipment at each location across the country
  • Inventory the parts and hardware at their own distribution points across the country
  • Coordinate both sets of information to ensure the minimum inventory of parts required at each of the warehouse locations
  • Ensure efficient ordering and shipping of parts from closest locations
  • Ensure availability of accurate, real time information

It was important to provide a centralized data base in order to analyze the effectiveness of the operation and to provide consolidate reports on inventory and activity. StratusStockroom Provides the SolutionIt did not take long for the document management firm to realize that using IntelliTrack’s StratusStockroom software was the route to efficiently managing the client’s printing services. This enterprise solution from IntelliTrack meets a growing demand for user friendly, web-based software to track kinds and levels of inventory. A bonus is the ability to collect, track and manage inventory in either batch or real-time modes. Data collection is done with a mobile computer which scans all the physical components. The information is stored off-site, in a secure, accessible cloud. There is no requirement for customer owned server hardware, and the system is secure, state of the art, globally accessible, and can be quickly implemented. Using StratusStockroom means that specific, accurate, and up to date information about all inventory is available anytime, anywhere there is internet access. There are no delays while someone actually goes into a stockroom or warehouse to count items. There is no need to check with other locations to see what is available. Easy access to all data means no more guessing about stock levels, and setting and changing reorder points is readily accomplished. The range of data which can be collected and managed is impressive:

  • Lots, serial numbers, different units of measure and expiration dates
  • Stock location information can include container locations, and the exact locations and sublocations of specific lots and products
  • Vendor receipt transaction information
  • Return transactions
  • Reporting of outgoing orders
  • Reorder levels

These data can be customized and changed as often as necessary as client needs change. Benefits of Using StratusStockroomThe benefits of installing IntelliTrack’s StratusStockroom were immediately evident to the document management company:

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Accurate inventory details and asset location
  • Faster shipping times
  • Reduced down time for your clients
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved bottom line

StratusStockroom is the solution for all companies requiring centralized data collection, tracking history and reporting, and management of services.