Survey Uncovers Latest Trends in Cloud Computing by Businesses

While companies are still making use of cloud computing, their reliance on it seems to be abating somewhat. A recent study by CompTIA revealed that more than 90 percent of firms use some type of cloud computing, but the majority consider themselves to fall into the non-critical use category than the full production category. Those in the non-critical use category rose from 27 percent in 2014 to 38 percent in 2016.

CompTIA Senior Director of Technology Analysis Seth Robinson believes that this is due to the cloud market experiencing refinement now that the majority of users have gained a better understanding of what the concept entails.

The fact that many businesses are still coming to terms with the specifics of the cloud can be evidenced by the fact that most companies say they have been using cloud solutions for one to five years, with just 6 percent saying they’ve been using them for longer than 5 years. Just under a quarter of firms say they have been using the cloud for less than a year.

Software-as-a-Service Most Popular Business Model

Meanwhile, nearly three fourths of firms polled said that they used a software-a-service model. Forty-two percent are using infrastructure-as-a-service, and that number appears to be growing. One third are using platform-as-a-service models.

Robinson is quick to point out that the cloud market is not about to go away. He emphasized that it is playing a strong role in the greater IT landscape. He also believes that cloud offerings will help expand budgets as they help businesses accomplish more. Not surprisingly, cost cutting was considered the top cloud benefit by big companies, while small and medium firms say that reducing their capital expenditures is the top benefit of using the cloud.

The survey questioned 500 companies and IT experts in a number of different industries in July.

This blog post was based off an article from CompTIA. View the original here.