How Amazon is Transforming Supply Chain Management

What started out as an unassuming online bookstore has now become the undisputed leader in retail. Amazon is one of the biggest success stories of the modern retail era, and its supply chain management philosophy has been instrumental in making sure it brings products to millions of people around the world in record speeds at … Read more

Finding The Right Recipe For Supply Chain Success

Success in supply chains is often measured by cost reductions, but XPO Freight President Tony Brooks believes that inventory, time and working capital are far better ways to gauge supply chain success. Several shippers have voiced their agreement with this statement and expressed their frustration at the fact that transport savings is often fixated on … Read more

High-Level Supply Chain Approaches That Mid-Sized Businesses Can Adopt

While midsized companies don’t have the same needs as firms at the enterprise level, they can adopt some of their approaches to make their supply chain a successful one. One of the most useful tools for a business that wants to improve efficiency is a comprehensive written strategy for its supply chain. Supply chain expert … Read more