Asset Management Software Helps Non-Profit Focus on Its Communities

The Organization ORT SA is a Jewish-led, non-profit, Public Benefit Organization (PBO), specializing in education, vocational and job skills training, and community development for South Africa’s impoverished communities. The qualifications earned by ORT SA graduates enable them to build productive and self-sufficient lives. The Challenge ORT SA has many projects in South Africa, including a … Read more

Asset Management Provides Much-Needed Check-In and Check-Out Functionality for Educational Organization

The Organization The St. Louis County Fire Academy is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit educational organization that provides firefighter training for St. Louis County departments and districts. The Challenge The school was looking for a new method of keeping track of not only its training devices and equipment, but also its extensive educational film library. The … Read more

Asset Management Software Takes Headache out of Inventory Process for Large Corporation

The Organization The McClatchy Company is a publicly traded newspaper corporation headquartered in Sacramento, California. Currently, it owns twenty-three daily and community newspapers, including the Minneapolis Star Tribune. In the very near future, the acquisition of the Knight-Ridder newspaper group will be finalized, nearly tripling the company’s size. The Minneapolis Star Tribune will remain the … Read more

Asset Management Helps School District Modernize Operations

The Organization The first Laramie County School District is located in the furthest southeast corner of the state of Wyoming. The district has 24 elementary schools, six secondary schools, and five administrative locations. The Challenge To modernize its facilities, the Laramie County School District purchased a significant quantity of technology in a short period of … Read more