Enterprise Software for Physical Inventory Counting

StratusIntelliTrack StratusInventory software is an efficient and cost–effective enterprise solution that provides companies with the ability to perform handheld mobile computer based physical counts. StratusInventory is offered as a hosted solution/Software as a Service (SaaS). Supporting batch and real–time modes, StratusInventory can significantly reduce the time to perform physical inventories— all from a web–based application.

Because StratusInventory is web–based, companies with multiple locations can consolidate physical inventory counts into a central database for analysis and reporting.  StratusInventory for enterprise mobility is popular with vendors who offer customer managed inventory solutions, physical inventory service companies and companies seeking to reduce the cost of performing physical inventories.

Key StratusInventory Features:

    • Hosted/SaaS solution offers minimal deployment effort.
    • Centralized deployment, data & reporting.
    • Company, Division, & Site level configuration.
    • Optional Multiple Units of Measure, Serial #, Lot & Expiration Date tracking.
    • Perform physical counts from a handheld mobile computer
    • Handheld computer client technology supports wireless real–time or batch data collection.
    • Supports customer/industry specific terminology
    • Multi–language support