Could Warehouse Automation be the Key to Employee Retention?

The competition for warehouse staff has never been fiercer. This can be seen in cities like Joliet, Illinois, where Amazon plans to open a second distribution center. The area is already home to current and upcoming warehouses for firms like Michelin, IKEA, and Whirlpool. With Amazon paying employees a decent percentage more than other companies, … Read more

Robotic Forklifts and Pickers Making Warehouse Operations Easier

Driverless cars might be getting a lot of attention these days, but the idea of driverless forklifts has been around for decades. Half a century ago, driverless forklifts ran along overhead wires. Their modern counterparts make use of driverless robotic equipment to help with picking and moving. Modern shoppers tend to buy things more frequently … Read more

Free Up Warehouse Space With Smart Shelving Options

Every inch of warehouse space is a precious commodity, and it seems that there is never quite enough room for everything. Despite the best planning, warehouses often run into problem such as flow issues and unloading difficulties that restrict the available space. In fact, it’s rare to actually be able to use your warehouse to … Read more

Is Your Warehouse Overlooking These Common Warehouse Stacking Issues?

A safely stacked warehouse might seem like a straightforward proposition. If boxes aren’t falling over or starting to sway, they must not be overstacked, right? Unfortunately, some warehouses can find themselves putting their workers and stock in danger by overlooking some seemingly minor issues. Here is a look at some of the most common ones … Read more