Could Warehouse Automation be the Key to Employee Retention?

The competition for warehouse staff has never been fiercer. This can be seen in cities like Joliet, Illinois, where Amazon plans to open a second distribution center. The area is already home to current and upcoming warehouses for firms like Michelin, IKEA, and Whirlpool. With Amazon paying employees a decent percentage more than other companies, holding onto good warehouse employees without breaking the bank can be tough.

One thing that firms can do to boost employee retention is eliminate boredom. In a typical manual warehouse environment, workers can spend hours on repetitive tasks that could easily be automated. Using automation technologies can help cut the amount of labor needed to complete tasks, freeing up workers for high-value work that not only builds up business but increases employee satisfaction and engagement.

For example, an employee who mans a pack sheet printer, printing documents and walking them over to boxes is easily distracted and therefore quite prone to making errors. If on-demand print/fold/insert tech is used instead, workers can use their skills in more valuable areas. Instead of having people manually weigh and ship packages, inline scales and print-and-apply systems can be used for shipment processing. This eliminates the need to stick employees with mundane tasks when they could be used in more fruitful areas like customer service or quality control.

Accuracy Rates Soar Thanks to Voice Picking

Voice picking can help boost accuracy and efficiency in the order fulfillment process. Using voice technology keeps workers engaged in conversation and provides reassurance. It also requires them to focus, with the need to look closely, listen to instructions, and use scanners to validate work. Voice technology can help achieve accuracy rates of as much as 99.99 percent.

Warehouses that use technology strategically to cut own on mundane tasks and stimulate their workforce have a much better chance of holding onto good employees and inspire their loyalty, even when the competition is making a strong play.

This blog post was based off of an article from The Numina Group. View the original here.