Simple Ways to Boost Warehouse Safety

When you consider all the people and equipment that are often in action in a warehouse at the same time, it’s not surprising that accidents occur; the only surprising thing is that they don’t happen more often! Warehouse managers can help ensure risk is kept to a minimum by following some of these tips.

One-Way Traffic

In warehouses where tugs and forklifts are used frequently to move bulk product, it is best to ensure that drivers all move in one direction using one-way aisles. Not only does this avoid dangerous cross-traffic with heavy machinery, but it also helps workers on foot to know which way to look for oncoming equipment.

Institute Automation

Automated processes do more than enhance efficiency; they can also help to improve safety. Vertical lifts and carousels can help keep your workers’ overall movements to a minimum, which can go a long way toward reducing the injuries that often arise as a result of lifting motions. Moreover, automation can increase productivity and curtail wasted time.

Use Mirrors and Signs

It might seem inconsequential, but safety signs can go a long way toward reducing accidents when they are placed strategically. Signs near doors and stairwells that remind people not to step out in front of vehicles and equipment can be surprisingly effective, while mirrors on the end of the aisles can boost visibility and reduce injuries that result from rounding a corner.

WMS Routing

If you want to keep people from running into one another with their carts in your warehouse’s aisles, the built-in routing systems in WMS are an indispensable tool. This type of system can direct each worker on the floor to their next location in a manner that allows them to circumvent congestion, keeping everyone moving along smoothly and swiftly.

Safety is one of the best investments a warehouse can make, and given the many simple ways to keep accidents at bay, there is no good reason not to address this life-and-death matter.

This blog post was based off of an article from Archon Interactive. View the original here.