Real-Time Package Tracking is a Vital Part of Modern E-commerce

Real-Time Package Tracking is a Vital Part of Modern E-commerce

It wasn’t that long ago that any time somebody sent you a package, you had little to prove it was actually mailed beyond their word, and when it would arrive was anybody’s guess. People could claim that things “got lost in the mail” and it was largely believable. That is not the case in 2017, however, thanks to advancements in technology that have put more information at people’s fingertips than ever before.

These days, customers expect package tracking when they place orders online, and it’s easy to understand why. What used to serve as little more than a way to give people an approximate date on which they might expect delivery has now become far more informative, giving customers the ability to see where their package is throughout its journey and confirm whether it will arrive on time.

Retailers Who Get Tracking Wrong Could Suffer

When customers are choosing among the many international shipping services that are now available to them across various retail channels, they will typically choose those that offer fast, free, and reliable shipping. Real-time tracking is essential to avoid losing track of orders or leaving customers dissatisfied due to delays or other mishaps.

When tracking isn’t available, modern customers who have come to expect such services often feel uneasy because they don’t know when or even if they’ll actually get their order. Not only does this make them less likely to buy from the retailer in the future, but they might also express their dissatisfaction in online reviews or on social media, causing others to avoid the company as well.

We are quickly approaching a time when not offering real-time package tracking will become unthinkable, and companies that are lagging in this department need to start upping their game if they want to remain relevant in the years to come.

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