Inspire Customer Loyalty With Smart Shipping Strategies

Factors that previously gave businesses an edge, such as an impressive website and quality products, have now become minimum requirements. If you want to keep your customers coming back time and time again, a smart shipping strategy can
make all the difference.

UPS’s Pulse of the Online Shopper study found that 64 percent of orders come with free shipping, while 44 percent of shoppers said they have actually abandoned their shopping cart upon learning their order did not qualify for free shipping.

Even smaller businesses like 4moms find that free shipping is a must in order to remain competitive, viewing it as a marketing expense. LED lighting manufacturer AspectLED, meanwhile, discovered that offering free shipping on orders over $299 led to a 29 percent drop in abandoned shopping carts.

Be Predictable And Transparent

Another way to inspire customer loyalty is to be predictable. The UPS survey discovered that more than half of shoppers like to receive email notifications about price drops, for example. Internal inventory tracking systems need to be fully integrated so that customers can see what is available as they place their orders.

Transparency also plays a vital role. Customers need to be informed of their order status every step of the way, and they should be notified if any delays are encountered. AspectLED, for example, sends out notifications when a shipment goes out, and this is followed up with further notifications on the morning of delivery and after the product has actually been delivered.

This eases consumers’ minds because it shows them that their orders are being processed quickly. People want to see that their items are on their way, and this go a long way toward showing that a business is efficient and helping to secure repeat customers.

This blog post was based off an article from Business Insider. View the original here.