How Can Small Businesses Reduce Pick Error Rates?

How Can Small Businesses Reduce Pick Error Rates?

Order fulfillment plays a huge role in a business’s reputation from a customer’s point of view. It’s the final link in the supply chain, and customers are generally not too forgiving when an order is incorrect or it arrives damaged or late. When everything runs smoothly and the right items arrive on time, on the other hand, it can help a business build a strong relationship with customers.

Technology can be a valuable tool in keeping errors in fulfillment to a minimum. Of course, not every business can afford to invest in voice-automated picking, fully automated robotic picking, and pick-to-lift systems. However, smaller businesses can still make budget-friendly improvements.

Getting product staging right can also be a huge time-saver. When an order picker doesn’t have to travel far throughout their shift, the time savings can add up significantly. Storing orders as closely to the pick/pack area as possible can go a long way, but it’s important to avoid placing products that can be easily confused with one another too closely.

Smart Grouping and Staging

For example, ensuring the items that arrive in the warehouse are properly and correctly labeled with unique part numbers can keep mispicks down and boost efficiency. Similarly, grouping orders using the 80-20 rule can help minimize errors and free up workers to focus on other tasks.

Businesses can also make use of visual aids to highlight an order’s specific requirements. Consider a product, for example, that only comes in two colors: blue and yellow. By highlighting the product number in the corresponding color, the order picker can process it much easier. In addition, those that have special shipping instructions or other requirements that deviate from the norm should be highlighted for efficiency.

By focusing on the basics, even businesses on a tight budget can boost their accuracy levels and keep their customers happy.

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