Shipment Visibility Key Part of Retail Customer Experience Equation

Retailers can do everything in their power to provide excellent service and top-quality goods to consumers, but as these items move further and further away from them on their journey to the customer, they must hand over control to carriers, and last-mile delivery presents a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong.

Customers expect their goods to arrive on time and in perfect condition, and there is little room for error in the modern age, where dissatisfied customers can take to social media and chip away at a brand’s reputation.

A Dotcom Distribution survey in October found that 47 percent of shoppers have resolved never to shop again at a retailer that provided a poor delivery experience in the past. In fact, a study from Dropoff found that 94 percent of consumers place the blame for poor delivery squarely on the shoulders of retailers, with just 42 percent feeling the delivery provider was at fault.

Dropoff also revealed that receiving products late is a concern for 89 percent of shoppers, while damaged products are a big concern for 83 percent of consumers.

Timely Information Vital

Visibility solutions are taking on increased significance in the quest to optimize customer service. The only way to take action when hiccups occur is by having access to timely information. Real-time data analytics can even help spot carrier problems before the carrier realizes something is awry, such as stalled shipments in a terminal that need to be rerouted, and then inform customers there could be a delay. In fact, some experts believe that as many as one fifth of distressed shipments in transit can be resolved before customers even know there is a problem.

Customers want to have some degree of control over their goods’ final delivery, particularly if the item in question is something like an appliance. For example, they could receive text messages when their new refrigerator enters the local market so they can arrange a delivery appointment online with the carrier. Reinventing customer experience in this way can help retailers build loyalty.

This blog post was based off of an article from Supply Chain Dive. View the original here.