ITI Web View

CRT IconIntelliTrack’s ITI Web View inventory viewing application, allows a customer to view inventory information over a secure internet connection. With ITI Web View, you are able to view inventory information at any of your various warehouse sites. You also have the option of viewing inventory by a specific site rather than all sites at once.

IntelliTrack Companion Software

IntelliTrack’s ITI Web View application provides an instant look into your inventory at various warehouse locations. ITI Web View is an ideal addition to any IntelliTrack Warehouse Management Software.

ITI Web View Companion Software for Advanced Warehouse Management:

ITI Web View also supports IntelliTrack’s Third Party Logistics module:

View Warehouse Inventory Online

IntelliTrack’s ITI Web View lets you easily make decisions that manage your warehouse’s inventory online. View on hand inventory, expected receipts, and create detailed reports in real-time through the web. ITI Web View allows you to stay connected to your warehouse wherever you are.

ITI Web View’s Online Warehouse Features:

  • Inbound (Receipts) – This allows you to view inbound material quantities by item as expected receipts of orders shipping to the warehouse. Lets you know what orders are due in to your warehouse.
  • Inventory Shows real-time “on-hand” inventory within a warehouse and locations or multiple warehouses with several ways to filter data.
  • Outbound (Allocated) – Allows you to view outbound material quantity by items allocated against shipping orders.  Lets you know what is scheduled to ship out.
  • Reports– View reports through your Internet browser or Intranet.
    • View open purchase orders
    • On hand inventory
    • View open sales orders

ITI Web View shows real-time inventory within a warehouse:

View Inventory Online with IntelliTrack ITI Web View

Innovative web based support for order management

Third Party Logistics providers, use ITI Web View with IntelliTrack 3PL. Your customers are able to look at their inventory and create a picking or receiving order in the WMS system instantly.
View the Stone Office, Inc. success story.

Do you have remote sales associates that want to know “on-hand” inventory in real-time and right now? Use ITI Web View with all three IntelliTrack warehouse inventory products.

View an instant web presentation of IntelliTrack WMS RF.