Maximize Warehouse Space & Increase Efficiency

Choosing the right warehouse management software, building efficiency into your supply chain and getting the most out of your workforce are all ways to ensure an efficient warehouse, but what about the warehouse itself?

A warehouse that’s poorly laid out, or one that does not utilize space properly, can kill efficiency, despite valiant efforts in other areas of warehouse management. One way to add to your warehouses’ efficiency is by adding tunnels.

In warehousing, tunnels create cross-aisles that go through the warehouse rack system. They can be created by removing low level beams and re-slotting them to create a safe passage for forklifts.

Warehouse ceilings are typically very high, so it makes sense to look upward when trying to increase your amount of storage space. If your warehouse is not currently using tunnels, consider taking the time to reorganize and restructure. Adding tunnels will save space, and creating new passageways for forklifts will save time.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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