Inventory Software

Inventory Software Applications by IntelliTrack

IntelliTrack inventory software applications provide easy data collection and management for environments of all sizes. By automating your inventory you save time and labor costs on tedious manual inventory counts. Basic inventory software not only saves time but provides tax accountability, stocking level support, and prevents loss of valuable items or equipment. IntelliTrack software applications range in features and costs to meet your needs.

Inventory Software applications include:

Stockroom Inventory

Manage and track inventory in small stand-alone warehouses. Track supplies and consumable inventories.

Check In-Out

Manage and track rotational and consumable inventory. Track circulating inventory, tools, equipment and files.

Fixed Assets (RFID)

Manages your valuable capital equipment, furniture, computers, audio-visual equipment and more. Track the location, maintenance and depreciation of fixed assets.

Package Track

Automate the receipt and delivery of parcels, packages and mail through your mailroom. Collect proof of delivery information for inbound deliveries.

Physical Inventory

Automate physical inventory for speed and accuracy. Count inventory efficiently

Inventory Software designed for Warehouse Management:

IntelliTrack WMS

Inventory Software Barcode Scanning

IntelliTrack WMS is a reliable, affordable, and easy to use warehouse management solution available in both batch and real-time wireless versions. Cycle counting, kitting, replenishment, space management and many more functions are available to help manage your warehouse operations with wireless technology.

Inventory, Shipping, Receiving & Picking

IntelliTrack ISRP is ideal for small to mid-sized warehouse operations. When a “Bigger WMS” is just too much, ISRP is just “Right”. The application is comprised of four fully integrated functions; Inventory, Shipping, Receiving and Picking for small warehouses.

IntelliTrack 3PL Software

IntelliTrack 3PL provides an easy and organized way to keep your customers in contact with their customers with advanced supply chain management tools. Improve communicatiions between you, your clients, and what’s in your warehouse.

Inventory Software Features…

  • Easy to use software interface
  • Concurrent user licensing for the PC/Workstation application
  • SQL Express & Access 2010 support
  • Support for the latest Microsoft operating systems
  • Support for the latest hardware from the leading manufacturers
  • Windows Mobile and Pocket PC portable barcode reader support
  • Cost effective Lite version for Inventory, Stockroom, Check In-Out, and Fixed Assets software
  • Added features for each individual application such as cost tracking, maintenance and calibration, reservations, and asset/item ID receiving
  • Maintains inventories in a variety of business environments
  • Integrated bar code printing
  • Manage unlimited inventory items
  • Concurrent user licensing for PC/Workstations
  • Wireless ready support
  • Embed pictures in your database