Common Order Fulfillment Problems in Ecommerce

Although order fulfillment seems simple in theory – getting customers the goods they want when they want them – it can be difficult to consistently get it right. Order fulfillment problems can adversely affect your profits, sales, and customer satisfaction levels, and these issues can mean having to offer customers expensive incentives to keep them from taking their business elsewhere. Here is a look at a few common order fulfillment issues and how they can affect your bottom line.

One problem is accepting orders too late in the day. Amazon aside, most companies do not pick orders around the clock, even though their website is operating and accepting orders at all hours. When customers place orders just before operations shut down for the day, this means that they are already a day behind when operations start the next morning. This is particularly troublesome in the case of same-day or next-day delivery. Customers who pay extra for these ultra-quick options usually have an urgent need, which means they are going to be extremely unhappy if their goods are not delivered in the time promised.

Some ecommerce fulfillment operations stagger shifts to ensure an overlap of staff at this crucial time so that order demand can be met and goods can still be shipped the same day.

Seasonal Worker Motivation Issues

Another common problem is a mismatch between seasonal workers and company goals. These workers do not always share the commitment levels that permanent employees do as they do not benefit from the company’s success. This is only natural, but it is important to keep this in mind and ensure these workers realize how their mistakes could adversely affect the company’s overall image and profitability. The lack of commitment such employees can show could adversely affect fill rates and perfect order percentages, all of which affect customer retention.

Modern business is more competitive than ever, and fulfillment operations need to be flawless if you want any chance of future success.

This blog post was based off of an article from Conveyco. View the original here.