Streamline Your Physical Inventory Tracking with Secure and Easy-to-Use Software 


Stratus Checkout Web Asset Options

Manage, Track and Organize from One Easy Database – Clean and easy to use interface allows you to manage all aspects of your stockroom from one database. Select from a variety of options including assets data, check in, checkout, and more.

Stratus Checkout Web Assets Page

View organized assets in clear, easy to sort spreadsheets. Sort by assets, item number, descriptions, serial numbers, sites, and more. Easily check in or check out items, as well as assign them to designated users.



Check out users and assets with detailed forms
Simply fill out the data, or set which data to be auto-filled. Detailed inventory and stockroom data ensures you can micro-track all aspects of your business.



Maintain inventory and know when to order more across multiple sites and locationsView and maintain your inventory on the maintenance and calibration screen. Easily search which assets you need. Set a number of items to remain on the site at all times. Set specific numbers for specific sites and locations.




Access Your Check in/Check out Database From your Mobile Phone – Check inventory levels, move products, set out orders and more from any location with a web-based connection.


Get Detailed Information On Who Has What Asset – Know who checked out what item(s), and where the items should be returned.

Track by User and Location – Check items back in and never worry about misplacing expensive or important materials again.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs – This easy to use software reduces the chance of mistakes, speeds up tracking time, and reduces costs of performing physical inventories.  Never waste time finding inventory that’s not there.

Easy Analysis and Reporting – The tracking software consolidates all data into a central database so you can easily track, analyze and make reports.

Supports a variety of Data Collection Methods – Perform both batch and real-time data collection using wireless handheld computer.

Detailed Inventory and User Control – Track SKU, use specific units of measure, mark lots, expiration dates, serial numbers and more.  Give specific users access to only the features they need.

All your data backed up and accessible on one database – Your data is always fully backed up and consolidated in one database to keep your information safe and maximize efficiency.

Real time Data Collection and Updates – You’ll be able to track and manage your inventory and view real time updates from multiple users as they happen.

Choose Cloud-Based For No Costly Installations – Stratus is quick and easy to deploy. Everything is ready to go out the door and data is maintained in our secured data center.

Track and Manage Your Inventory From Any Web Browser – Log into your stratus management system through your web browser from any device with an internet connection to ensure accurate real time updates.

Remotely maintained and Fully Secure –  No complicated installations or computer updates needed.  Never lose data again; data is kept safe and backed up in our secure database.

Multi-Language and Industry Terminology Support – Multi language support allows employees of all languages to use. Industry terminology makes it easier for your workers to understand without having to learn new jargon.

Immediate Tech Support – You’re fully covered by our tech support team who is on call and ready to answer any questions as they come up.

Pay for only the Features You Need –  Custom Stratus software options available to fit your budget and software needs


Which Solution is Right for You?



Locally Installed

  • Web-based/SaaS
  • Customize the software to suit your specific needs
  • Quickly deploy your software through your organization
  • One-time cost and comes with your own your software license(s)
  • Automatic access to product updates and new features
  • Client/Server based set-up means all data is maintained internally on your site
  • Access your data from anywhere with an Internet connection and web browser
  • Data maintained securely on a cloud-based server off-site
  • MS SQL Server database
  • Built-in support included
  • Separate annual support contract, renewed each year for access to telephone support
  • Easily expand the system throughout your company
  • Additional handheld and PC licenses purchased separately
  • Little to no investment required for computer or server hardware
  • Customer can use existing or new PC/Server to run our application
  • Minimal operating expense
  • One-time capital expenditure
  • Mobile application batch, RF, and cellular
  • Mobile application batch OR RF only
  • Supports multiple Divisions/Business Units across a variety of needs
  • Supports a single business unit, features enabled globally
  • Easy and flexible payment options available
  • Requires additional hardware for further business expansion


We’re Always Working So You Don’t Have To

You’re Backed 24/7 by Our Expert Support Team and Over 20 Years of Industry Experience

“Intellitrack software has really cut down on our man hours needed to maintain the inventory of our components. That time can now be spent on additional engineering and product development.”
– Grant Hoffman, Cook Inc.

At Intellitrack, we take inventory management very seriously.  We know that problems can spring up at a movement’s notice – and even minutes of production shut down can translate into thousands of dollars lost.

That’s why we’re here for you whenever you need us.  If at any time you need help or assistance with Stratus, one of our experts will be on call to help you and get everything running immediately.

That way you can spend more time focusing on improving your business, and less time worrying about your data.



Get Specific Information on Your Inventory From Any Internet Access Point with StratusCheckOut

With StratusCheckOut, specific information of your on-hand stock and inventory is kept up-to-date, accurate and available at your fingertips wherever there is Internet access. No wondering where your assets are; no waiting for someone to physically go to the stockroom to check stock.

You can access all of your inventory and asset data quickly and easily from your data storage in the cloud. Setting and changing your reorder points, asset reservations, and asset maintenance schedules is now more manageable.

Updates and configuration changes to StratusCheckOut software can be quickly implemented without any downtime or lost productivity.


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